4K Sports Camera - 16MP - Waterproof (30M) - by NexGadget 下載

  • 2016年11月23日

  • 4K Sports Camera - 16MP - Waterproof (30M) - by NexGadget (Better Alternative) ✅ Buy from Amazon US: https://amzn.to/36gv599 ✅ Buy from Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2PvEuCY ✅ Buy from Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2RtZ1dU ✅ Buy from Amazon IN: https://amzn.to/38kReoI —————— Latest Action Camera Reviews ✅ Complete Action Camera Playlist: http://bit.ly/2sL5TGy ➡️ SJCAM ION TOTEM: https://youtu.be/vHsDCoIXxYw ➡️ SJCAM ION KRYPTON: https://youtu.be/BAzb03YJ9Hc ➡️ APEMAN TRAWO: https://youtu.be/BAzb03YJ9Hc ➡️ Campark X30: https://youtu.be/HMYmw47g0Sk ➡️ ThiEYE E7: https://youtu.be/8jnpESiSkWQ ➡️ SJ8 Plus: https://youtu.be/NhxhlwL3y5U ➡️ YI Lite: https://youtu.be/NvG4Pof3KqU ➡️ ThiEYE T5E: https://youtu.be/W5fP_zgFnyk ➡️ Akaso V50: https://youtu.be/vV3DDXMxtoo ➡️ SJ8 Pro: https://youtu.be/Q25ElSyKg3M ➡️ INSTA360 ONE X: https://youtu.be/tIUuDsutVw0 ➡️ AKASO V50 ELITE: https://youtu.be/tJOCYeqzCQ0 ➡️ Akaso V50 Pro: https://youtu.be/u73oUER-ZnQ --- Latest Camera Comparisons: ➡️ Akaso v50 Pro vs Elephone Rexso: https://youtu.be/FduPrbzon0k ➡️ Akaso V50 vs Akaso V50 Pro: https://youtu.be/qaFdrK33PTw ---- ➡️ Unique Action Camera Accessories Under £7: https://youtu.be/qfM1zXSCTtY The box contained the following: 1x Action camera 1x Back clip 1x Bicycle bracket 3x Switch support 2x Helmet pedestal 1x Pedestal 1x Fixed base 3x Bandage 1x Data cable 1x 3M mat Features: 4K 30fps video recording All Video resolutions 4K 30fps, 1080p 30fps , 720p 60fps, 720p 30fps 16 Mega Pixel resolution (4608*3456) 170-Degree wide angle lens with a Sony179 CMOS-Sensor Anti-shock Waterproof housing (30 meters) WiFI Connection Time Lapse Loop Recording Slow Motion Time Mode Drama shot for fast-action sequences This is my review for the Nex Gadget 4K Sports Camera. So this is a truly action packed camera, jam packed with features. So you can record Ultra HD 4K videos at 30fps. This action cam also has built in wifi so you can connect it to your iOS or Android device and fully control the camera and its settings through your phone. You can also sync the photos and videos to your device, thereafter giving you the freedom to instantly share these with the anyone you like. You can take amazing 16 mega pixel photos, this action cam has a Sony179 CMOS-Sensor and a 170 ultra wide angle lens giving you a wider range of videos and photos. This action cam has a waterproof housing, which is IP68 Certified and will let you go up to 30 meters underwater and take amazing videos and photos. Also, all the buttons on the action camera, can be accessed with the waterproof housing on. So you can shoot videos in MP4 format, you can do short Loop Recordings at 2min/3min/5min. You can also do Slow Motion videos at: 1080P 60FPS, 720P 120FPS. Drama Shots at: 3P/S, 5P/S, 10P/S This action cam supports a maximum Storage of 64GB and you will find on the device a HDMI port so you can connect it directly to your TV and a USB port for data transfer and charging. The build quality is very high and has a very premium/expensive feel to it. The quality was definitely much higher than i expected it to be. The camera is made from matt and glossy plastic, with rubber grips on the sides to make it easy to hold. The 2 inch LCD screen is high quality and is nicely protected when used with the waterproof case. You will likely be using this action cam with the waterproof case on at all times, this will protect the camera from any knocks as the case is very durable. This action cam takes absolutely amazing photos and videos and gives you complete flexibility of what resolution videos and photos to take from the max 4K to lower resolutions to suit your needs. You get a ton of accessories, from the waterproof case to brackets and clips to go on helmets, bikes etc. Final thoughts, this is a excellent action camera, which is also great to use for youtube videos and vlogging, the video quality is excellent and playback is always smooth. I have been told this matches the quality of the Go Pro, have not tested it myself. Definitely getting more for your money, packed with features and accessories. Excellent build quality and takes superb video/photos. — Other Useful Stuff ➡️ View Latest Chigz Tech Charts: www.chigztech.com/charts.html ✅ My Filming Gear + Daily Drivers: https://amzn.to/2WLUass ➡️ The Gear I use: https://kit.co/chigztechreviews 🆓 FREE Amazon Prime: US: http://amzn.to/2nD6SIs / UK: http://amzn.to/2n4GovS ➡️ Common Android TV Box Questions: https://youtu.be/TdPSoz1fmn4 ——————— My Social Links: 🔵 YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/ChigzTechReviews 🔵 Twitter: http://twitter.com/ChigzTechReview 🔵 Facebook: http://facebook.com/ChigzTechReviews 🔵 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ChigzTechRe... 🔵 Website: http://ChigzTech.com 🔵 Email: chigz@chigztech.com ----


  • Ashok Vasu
    Ashok Vasu 2年前

    Is it an okay video camera for doing interviews? There's a good deal here and I need a video camera to conduct interviews but I have a very small budget. Is this action camera okay for low motion videos like I place it on a stand and record interviews? thanks

  • Robert Collis
    Robert Collis 2年前

    Just getting into these sport cameras. This was an excellent primer. I have a special use for this type of camera. I’m going to put one on a power wheelchair and record a day of my daily activities. I want to show those people who feel sorry for me that I’m not that much different than them.

  • j canuck62
    j canuck62 3年前

    just bought one of these.thanks for the excellent tutorial, helped a whole lot!

  • brotherhood
    brotherhood 2年前

    Man if I could give u a 1000nd likes i would have done it. This video was more like a realy good guide. Thank u for existing this video will help me a lot. I´m subscribing m8

  • Hatem
    Hatem 2年前

    Great review , i know this is old , but can the streaming video on the xdv360 app gets to fullscreen ? , thank you.

  • Jason Prentice
    Jason Prentice 2年前

    Thank you

  • Satyendra Nirbhay Kunwar Singh

    can we connect 2 or more camera in single aap

  • BuffDuff
    BuffDuff 1年前

    i have the sports cam and using it to vlog and making youtube videos and its working just great!! I'm still a small youtuber but it's working more than fantastic, under water and normal vloggings

  • Tovia Ogun
    Tovia Ogun 2年前

    I just got a nilox evo 4ks+

  • usernamemykel
    usernamemykel 1年前

    I have basically the same camera, a Wimius Q1. I want it to continuously record video as I ride my motorcycle. The problem is, it turns itself off after 8 seconds, despite no settings to do so.

  • Hmm yes i agree
    Hmm yes i agree 2年前

    Can we put a microphone to this action cam?

  • Londeka AJ Thabede

    This mini tutorial has earned you a sub and a like... You've just saved me alot or Money. 🇿🇦

  • Awesome Adrian
    Awesome Adrian 10 个月前

    I love it. But the app is not working on my phone. I'm still going to enjoy using it though.

  • Jezt Laugh and Learn
    Jezt Laugh and Learn 4 个月前

    Is the volume of the sound good for interview?

  • Mitchell Noyes
    Mitchell Noyes 1年前

    Had mine for over a year ! Lost instructions. Looking I'll try the app store.

  • MC stripezZ
    MC stripezZ 2年前

    I'm having problems mine doesn't turn on when the battery is fully charged help me please


    Ace review buddy I just got one and for the money it rocks so many idiots on here reviewing this the surely start every day of there life by eating an idiot sandwich 1080p is the best setting nice one mate

  • betaharish
    betaharish 1年前

    Thank you so much ! It really helped !

  • Tech with me
    Tech with me 2年前

    Please tell me this action camera price

  • Minnesota Mini Bikes

    How do you export files from the camera to YouTube ? Pls help I will sub if your response is useful