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  • 2020年5月17日


  • Cc_ Jimin
    Cc_ Jimin 4 个月前

    Guys... take it easy. Don’t send death threats to new Kpop stans. This is the reason why other people don’t get into Kpop. Bring positive vibes!

  • tofufapud
    tofufapud 4 个月前

    he sound so hurt, pls i want to give him a hug 😭😭😭😭

  • Jacqui Cordova
    Jacqui Cordova 4 个月前

    The sound of your voice you sound hurt, it makes me sad😞

  • Suga Is bae
    Suga Is bae 4 个月前

    Everyone make mistakes, we learn from those mistakes people shouldn’t be saying u should die, no one deserves to die, I’m glad u are learning from those mistakes and thanks u for the content u have made 💖💖💖💖💖

  • cloudyKstarzz
    cloudyKstarzz 4 个月前(修改过)

    Yes, don’t let the hate and death threats get to you. Stay strong. Mistakes are normal and we are normal humans so it’s ok and how your going out your way to apologize (personally I’m not offended) but I see why others are so thank you

  • Dandy boi Seungbean
    Dandy boi Seungbean 4 个月前

    The thing is that you’re trying, you’re taking the time to learn you keep being you because half the jokes you make people make memes like that too. There is a line but you aren’t really crossing it so much for death threats. You don’t deserve that stuff so hold your head high, and learn from things like this if it really gets to you. Don’t let this bring you down let this help you grow, help us grow as a group. I’m not even gonna lie I laughed so if you’re wrong then I am wrong too. I support you just know that and thank you for apologizing 🤍 that makes me proud to support you. Stay strong🙏🏽

  • Klejda 17
    Klejda 17 4 个月前

    You're actually a pretty nice guy

  • Carlos Ortega
    Carlos Ortega 4 个月前

    There’s a ton of female kpop fans that are always over-sexualizing male and female idols on fan sites and other things, but when a male does it, and not even to the extent females do it, it’s a bad thing ?

  • Bettina Sant ́Anna
    Bettina Sant ́Anna 4 个月前

    I knew this would happen When i watched your Red Velvet reaction, and i did not like what you did on it... As woman, it is really uncomfortable for me to see you sexualize them like that. Your way of expresse what you were feeling while watching their mvs was a bit off the "comedy" line for me...But, i do understand that this mindset is still been changed in many men minds. I do hope you can understand that before they are artists and women, they are human, so pls, be considerate that they have feelings.

  • tofufapud
    tofufapud 4 个月前

    can everyone comment virtual hug, cause he need one.... the comment on his instagram :/... theyre still attacking him 😭😭😭😭

  • van1llasoda
    van1llasoda 4 个月前

    I understand why people got upset, since female idols already get overly-sexualized a lot in the industry. I appreciate that you've reflected and recognized your mistakes. It's okay to make mistakes, everyone makes them. You definitely don't deserve death threats. Thank you for your apology! 💚

  • Daniela Cortes
    Daniela Cortes 4 个月前

    It’s alright LilBuu, we all make mistakes, don’t listen to the hate and the death threats. You are already growing so much and you will keep growing just by addressing it and realizing what’s happening. We understand, you just started your channel and we will still be here supporting you. All positivity here🤍✌🏻

  • godsydney
    godsydney 4 个月前

    i completely understand where you're coming, people are people, they make mistakes and learn from them, and in your case you were quick to recognize and understand the problem people were getting at. However you didn't deserve death threats and so much negativity cuz we ain't about that, but i'm glad you understood your mistakes and hopefully can make things a little better :)

  • drink water not alcohol

    To those who sent hate & death threats r just as guilty. Doing those things does not help anyone. Even if he was in the wrong, it’s best to educate than to hate and be negative. We all saw what happened last year. We were calling those ppl murderers bc of the hate. It makes no difference that he’s not as famous. He’s human. And the fact that they would send those messages knowing what could happen is disgusting. It’s ok lil buu. I wasn’t offended by anything u said as I thought they were jokes. (Yes I’m saying this as a woman). Apparently others were not ok with it. Ppl learn from their mistakes. I hope to see u grow & mature and keep that silly attitude of urs. That’s what made me subscribe anyways.

  • Hannah Ali
    Hannah Ali 4 个月前

    I swear to god if anyone comes for him in the comments again they’re going to catch these hands I’m not playing😐😒

  • she
    she 4 个月前

    I really hope this doesn’t stop him from reacting to girl groups In the future :(

  • its annaleise
    its annaleise 4 个月前(修改过)

    I can understand why people would be offended, and you handled the situation so maturely. I love your positivity, and watching your videos automatically brighten my day. Make sure to never let any hate comments get to you, nothing but love❤️

  • –frogie༄.
    –frogie༄. 4 个月前(修改过)

    its okay dont think about it please , and everyone makes mistakes 😞 , keep going and never give up , love you so much from UAE 💕

  • Red Bottle
    Red Bottle 4 个月前(修改过)

    Honestly, I really shocked when 'that scene' came out, like it was inappropriate thing to do.. i just don't want redvelvet saw that, bcs rv have said that they really like to watch the 'reaction video' of them, i just don't want they get hurt.. but i know that was your 'jokes' type, and you new to this, you have to adjust yourself as a youtuber.. and then i'm afraid to watch your other videos bcs i don't want to see your 'jokes' again,, iykwim.. i love your reaction, i love the way you talk, its unique but i dont want to make the bad thing into the right thing, you know.. so i just wait for your red velvet video part 2 that maybe you will react properly.. as a fan of red velvet that dont want my idol got a hate speech/comment, then for you too, just want you to learn and improve your channel a lot! as you said, spread all the positivity vibes around and live your life with happiness:) thankyou for the apologies that you do and i'm still learning english so sorry if there is mistaken for my word

  • xQc's Shnoze
    xQc's Shnoze 4 个月前

    While you went a bit overboard on the red velvet video, I hope this doesn't change the style and expression of your reactions except said things.