Air New Zealand All Blacks B777-300/ER to London 下載

  • 2020年3月21日

  • Start your risk-free, 100 day trial and shop the entire Away lineup of travel essentials, including their best-selling suitcases, at This video is sponsored by Away Travel Last month, I visited the LAX Air Traffic Control Tower. After some amazing plane spotting from the tower, I flew with Air New Zealand All Blacks on their B777-300/ER from Los Angeles to London. Air NZ have been proudly serving this route for 40 years but will be discontinuing their London service in October, citing that it cannot compete effectively. This flight is currently the longest one stop flight in the world, originating in Auckland, New Zealand and travelling to London via LA. During my flight, I checked out the Air New Zealand current Business Class product including the seat, food and beverages, amenity kits and the bedding. I also checked out the Air New Zealand Skycouch product in Economy, which is a first in the airline industry. The 3 seats can be converted into a flatbed, for yourself or to share with children. The UK based Air NZ crew were very friendly and took pleasure in showing me their finest food and beverages onboard. I even made some friends on the flight, due to the outward herringbone seating in Business Class. After landing, I was allowed in the cockpit to have a quick briefing from the captain. We flew for 9 hours and 40 minutes from LA to London. This trip and vlog were made in February. I strongly advise against all non-essential travel for the time being.


  • Sam Chui
    Sam Chui 6 个月前

    ⚠️This trip and vlog was made in February. I strongly against all non-essential travel for the time being. ⚠️

  • Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas

    Air New Zealand have a base at LHR especially for this flight. Good to hear some British accents and the cracking Northern Ireland one off the chap closing the door! I hope they will be okay with the closure of the route and the downturn in aviation.

  • L R G
    L R G 6 个月前

    The secret for excellent service: wear a Sam Chui disguise!

  • ivan cal
    ivan cal 6 个月前

    Don't like the way seats face each other, there's no privacy....

  • Rex Hunt
    Rex Hunt 3 个月前

    this makes me proud to be a kiwi 🇳🇿

  • Samuel Selvaraj Selladurai

    Really weird type of seats in Business Class.

  • Topfelya
    Topfelya 6 个月前

    Air New Zealand is to suspend London Heathrow -Los Angeles from today 21 March. Im hoping to see her today at Heathrow

  • R Y
    R Y 4 个月前


  • Midnight Latte
    Midnight Latte 5 个月前


  • ben moon
    ben moon 3 个月前

    Getting "cabin fever" watching this, feel the need to travel. Hate being grounded🤕

  • Jimmy Likop
    Jimmy Likop 5 个月前

    Who can see the Concorde at

    LIL_ TAI_YT 6 个月前

    Who else is from Nz n watching this 😂🇳🇿👋🏽

  • Buba Uba
    Buba Uba 1 个月前

    weird configuration, never seen before. Matras is a plus tough :P

  • bluedetroit68
    bluedetroit68 5 个月前

    I believe my travel and yours .... identical. : ) Love how you investigate all options, people and anything that resolves itself to excellent comfortable air travel. Keep it up, BIG FAN.

  • Leonard Young
    Leonard Young 1 天前

    How the whole world has turned upside down in a matter of months.

  • 11 7
    11 7 4 个月前

    This is the weirdest type of seats I’ve ever seen in business class. How could you design a window seat facing the aisle instead of the window?

  • Kimberly Uys
    Kimberly Uys 6 个月前

    Air New Zealand’s flight attendants are really so friendly. They’re equally friendly to the economy passengers as they are to first class. The food is also amazing. Definitely one of my favourite airlines.

  • M&M Dargaville
    M&M Dargaville 6 个月前

    That was the most awkward hongi I have ever seen 🤣🤣

  • Don's travels DON
    Don's travels DON 6 个月前

    WOW, love the interior. The food looks delicious 😋, and the cabin crew are dressed smart, and very professional. Highly impressed with Air New Zealand.

  • Jeremy’s World
    Jeremy’s World 2 个月前

    I’m sad ☹️ I like ✈️ and there’s COVID 19 🙁☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😕😟😔