an (un)helpful guide to blackpink (2019 version) 下載

  • 2019年5月9日

  • find me on┊instagram: zimzalalisa hi angels !! 👼🏻 this is my very first youtube video, so i’m sorry if my editing game isn’t the strongest lol. tho i still hope you had a great laugh or maybe learned something new about blackpink! feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, but only love pls, no negativity around here my friends hehe,, and maybe let me know if there are any other videos you’d want me to make! okay, that was it i guess. take care & stay lovely ~ thank you so much for watching !! i love you 🌷 business contact: *all videos belong to the rightful owners! no copyright intented!


  • lalisa enthusiast
    lalisa enthusiast 1年前(修改过)

    thank you so much for all the sweet comments and feedback on this video!! 💖🌻 i had no idea i would receive this amount of love and kind words! i’m truly appreciative of y’all. i will try to put out more content soon. love you! 💕

  • Lililio 3690
    Lililio 3690 1年前

    Blackpink on stage doesn’t match their personality off stage

  • Jay
    Jay 10 个月前

    Everyone: speaks English

  • Venice Navarro
    Venice Navarro 6 个月前

    Jisoo: mommy laugh

  • Anna Lé banana
    Anna Lé banana 8 个月前(修改过)

    I mean let’s be real,

  • Wolifine
    Wolifine 10 个月前

    Jennie : Do you know any cities in New Zealand ?

  • emily
    emily 1年前

    me knows everything about them :

  • Danny !!!
    Danny !!! 11 个月前

    Jennie: Chanel

  • Tuyet Nhi Alana Richards

    Who else ships Rosé with food?

  • I love you Bff
    I love you Bff 10 个月前

    Noone talking for jisoo ??

  • sugamoonXx _
    sugamoonXx _ 10 个月前(修改过)


  • Alex
    Alex 1年前

    "low quality video of a high quality woman"

  • Katherine Tung
    Katherine Tung 10 个月前

    “I know I hate avocados but something about me hating avocados make me like it it some way”.

  • Christina Tran
    Christina Tran 6 个月前


  • 花666nyeon
    花666nyeon 8 个月前(修改过)

    Everyone is talking about Jennie .

  • ArissWaffles 0411
    ArissWaffles 0411 11 个月前

    You should've add this to Jennie:

  • Jennifer Jui
    Jennifer Jui 1年前

    I just realised I have 4 biases in blackpink

  • Rose Zenpai
    Rose Zenpai 10 个月前

    Can we just appreciate Rosés vocals??! She sounds like an angel ❤️

  • Josephine Pascual
    Josephine Pascual 9 个月前

    Jennie : A savage Queen

  • Jason Kua
    Jason Kua 10 个月前

    The first BLACKPINK member I inspired was Jisoo