an (un)helpful guide to blackpink (2019 version) REACTION!! 下載

  • 2020年3月28日

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  • Wheeimple
    Wheeimple 6 个月前

    The holy forehead thing is bc we barely get to see it bc she's always wearing bangs. So when the fans can see it even for some seconds they go crazy (obviously bc she looks gorgeous without bangs too)

  • William Hage
    William Hage 6 个月前(修改过)

    That song with Lisa rapping you asked about was Whistle it was their other debut song with Boombayah, but the clip was from the Japanese version, Lisa and Jennie rap in English in the Japanese versions of their songs.

  • Genesis Bourbon
    Genesis Bourbon 6 个月前(修改过)

    🙏 Hi GUYS,

  • Verlanda Derival
    Verlanda Derival 6 个月前

    Lisa is from Thailand and her father is European so she learned English from him

  • JosephTheIcon
    JosephTheIcon 6 个月前(修改过)

    The song in the video that u liked was whistle, but the one where Lisa and Jennie rap in English is Whistle JP version

  • Mac T
    Mac T 6 个月前

    React to BlackPink Journey and Friendship

    FRANZE H.A 6 个月前

    Jennie is the 💣 ❤️😎!

  • Nikki
    Nikki 6 个月前

    Please react to blackpink Jennie “solo” she is the groups main rapper and lead vocalist (main > lead > sub)

  • Nara Moreira
    Nara Moreira 6 个月前(修改过)

    If you want to know more about their career, and how they felt before making their debut, watch "Blackpink, Journey and Friendship", it's a mini documentary about their career and about their relationship with each other and with the fans(Blinks) ❤

  • William Hage
    William Hage 6 个月前

    If you want more like this you should check out the video Journey & Friendship, also the Zach Sang Blackpink interview is great good backstory on their lives and it's all in English it was done right after the Coachella performance they talk about that as well. It is rather long though maybe 30 min or so.

  • Blackpink J
    Blackpink J 6 个月前

    Jennie queen in kpop ♥️

  • Blackpink J
    Blackpink J 6 个月前

    Jennie queen in kpop ♥️

  • Ana Salgado
    Ana Salgado 6 个月前

    Jisoo has 25 years😂

  • Nara Moreira
    Nara Moreira 6 个月前


  • Power AS-1
    Power AS-1 6 个月前

    React to" Lisa's queen of k-pop stage presence" and "lisa film documentary"

  • Olivia Chau
    Olivia Chau 6 个月前

    AHHHH so happy you guys got into blackpink, they're so amazing and talented i hope you guys listen to their side tracks too because they are fireee. welcome to the blink family hehe, if you guys want to know more about them and their personalities: i recommend blackpink house, blackpink tour diaries, lisa herself also has her own youtube channel where she posts mini vlogs and solo dance videos too!! ALSO you have to check out their dance practices/live stages, don't know what to do or forever young are my favorite side tracks and they also have dance practice videos! if you guys want to know more about them i'll leave some must watch beginner videos:

  • Huy Dinh
    Huy Dinh 6 个月前

    The "holy forehead" part is more of a praise among fan because we rarely ever get to see it since Lisa always has her signature bang that always cover it. also, at

  • Renz Reyesss
    Renz Reyesss 6 个月前

    Try to react EXO

  • katie sawasdikul
    katie sawasdikul 6 个月前

    Please react to Blackpink Lisa Unstoppable video

  • Melisa Kasasmita
    Melisa Kasasmita 6 个月前(修改过)

    -JENNIE=from Korean(but,she is study in new zealand)