ASMR - 40 Facts About Tiger King! 下載

  • 2020年5月14日

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  • Kerry Simone
    Kerry Simone 5 个月前

    Who else hates the new comments section like wtf.

  • MollyStroud
    MollyStroud 5 个月前

    first thought when i saw the title: carole baskin killed her husband whacked him

  • SavannahsVoice ASMR
    SavannahsVoice ASMR 5 个月前

    I am never gonna financially recover from this...

  • Douglas Bolivar
    Douglas Bolivar 5 个月前

    Carole Baskin killed her husband, whacked him. Can’t convince me that it didn’t happen,” “Fed him to tigers, they snackin’. What’s happenin’? Carole Baskin.”

  • TheGrrf
    TheGrrf 5 个月前

    The camera quality is very very impressive at night, the colour is on point in this video holy moly

  • Mothership
    Mothership 5 个月前

    That make up look with your hair back like that is soo beautiful in you, so elegant and the jewellery adds a good twist. Your lips shine brighter than my Future and I'm here for it

  • gaflor
    gaflor 5 个月前

    you’re room and outfit gives me very fall vibes and i’m here for it🍂🍁☕️

  • SouthernBelleWhisper
    SouthernBelleWhisper 5 个月前

    Okay I'm going to admit, when my husband told me that he had watched a show called Tiger King on loop while I was at work one day, and that I HAD TO WATCH IT, I was a little iffy about it. BUT GIRL!! The show was SO BAD that it was GOOD. Such a funny, crazy show. I absolutely loved it. It was just craziness to the max. Such a good show and I cant wait for Season 2! Btw you look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!

  • Amelia
    Amelia 5 个月前

    When you were talking about how Howard Baskin creeps you out, did you see their wedding photos? I mean 🤢😳

  • Obeymer Flores
    Obeymer Flores 5 个月前

    I was just abt to go to sleep LMAO she's was right on time

  • Tammy Anderson
    Tammy Anderson 5 个月前

    Omg my fiance and son walks around singing that song All day my favorite part is: she fed him to tigers they snackin carole baskin. 🤣🤣🤣 ok ok i'm done. I love you sam

  • Ageo Hernandez
    Ageo Hernandez 5 个月前

    OMg , burgundy just hits your skin so beautifully! Wow! Beautiful!

  • cass
    cass 5 个月前

    i like when you do facts that like have a specific topic, you should do another one about like celebrities or music maybe

  • Clara Camara
    Clara Camara 5 个月前

    giiiirl that low pulled back bun looks so good on you!😍 you look so pretty (you always do) but that look suits you so well, I m living for it🤍

  • asjsjdjdj ssisjjd
    asjsjdjdj ssisjjd 5 个月前

    you look so gorgeous! just wanted to say that hahaha 3

  • vanessa prado
    vanessa prado 5 个月前

    I was just about to take a nap 💀😂😂

  • Andrea Navarro-Lovera
    Andrea Navarro-Lovera 5 个月前

    totally unrelated but you look so elegant and badass with this hairstyle????? a garçon cut kinda thing would suit you so much

  • RahhRahh
    RahhRahh 5 个月前

    They all just seemed to have a it was actually crazy thinking that they actually think about themselves the way they do

  • Jared Almaraz
    Jared Almaraz 5 个月前

    I like her hair like that, pulled back works very well for her.

  • Abbie Barnes
    Abbie Barnes 5 个月前

    This video is so tingly!!! I don’t know if there’s any difference to your mic settings with this one but keep it up please!!!