ASMR - 42 Facts About True Crime! 下載

  • 2020年4月9日

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  • Allen Walker
    Allen Walker 5 个月前

    The biggest true crime here is that this channel doesn't have more subs

  • joel diaz
    joel diaz 5 个月前

    "Found dead with both of her eyes missing"

  • Ann Harris
    Ann Harris 5 个月前

    36 years ago yesterday my dear friend, Linda, disappeared. She was a nurse with two little boys ages 2 and 4. She was married to an engineer. We all knew she would never have left her children and she was getting a divorce. Her attorney was the one who reported her missing. It was reopened as a cold case in 2017 by two interested policewomen. Using DNA from her brother, we found out that her body had been found off the side of the road in a different city a few weeks after she went missing. Her body was a Jane Doe in s morgue for a long time then buried in a grave for unknowns. We KNEW she would never abandon her children. It gave some closure but her friends hope her killer can be brought to justice. He’s had a whole new life for these 36 yrs. Since 1984 society has changed our ideas about who can be a killer. It’ll take time and a lot of money for justice to be done. We are afraid it will all be dropped. Orange socks made me feel the need to speak about my wonderful friend killed at 37. Thanks for your work, Sam,

  • Erica D
    Erica D 5 个月前


  • Rach ASMR
    Rach ASMR 5 个月前

    Yay! For some reason true crime mixed with ASMR is so incredibly relaxing to me!

  • chillaxin asmr
    chillaxin asmr 5 个月前

    Your hair is soo pretty✨

  • Bianca Allen
    Bianca Allen 5 个月前(修改过)

    Macabre, pronounced “mah-cob” means disturbing and/or horrifying because of type or style of injury or in this case death... The brothers crimes were linked because of how they would leave the victims. Love your vids!

  • Milly Duncan
    Milly Duncan 5 个月前

    I love being scared before i go to bed, not joking ahaha 😳💯

  • ASMR Little Mic
    ASMR Little Mic 5 个月前

    Quote for today: You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

  • Shadow Cat
    Shadow Cat 5 个月前

    I'm still messed up from shandas case I've never been creeped out by true crime until that but I still love your content and true crime ❤️

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon 5 个月前

    Sam, are you ever going to finish reading Dear John? I loved that. Sending love 💜

  • Admir Barucija
    Admir Barucija 5 个月前

    I love true crime, can’t wait to hear the facts!! 🥰

  • The ASMR Gamer
    The ASMR Gamer 5 个月前

    Sleep and Facts - perfect quarantine mix!! Hope doing well lass, cracking video!!👌🏼😁

  • Lina Najjar
    Lina Najjar 5 个月前

    I can’t believe I’m celebrating my birthday watching your video best b day present ❤️

  • Delano Ferrer
    Delano Ferrer 5 个月前

    Can u do Timothy McVeigh ? And the oaklahoma city bombing ? That would be interesting ty u r talented one of my favorites .

  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore 5 个月前

    Video starts at

  • Vince Lestrade
    Vince Lestrade 5 个月前

    I love True Crime ASMR videos. I’ve been interested in True Crime for years, so combining an interesting topic with relaxation produces an informative, laid-back experience.

  • G 7
    G 7 5 个月前

    Dear Samantha, i just want to wish you a very Happy Easter. I know it is special for you. And I send you a big hug!!! I am alone by myself but I will say I am not lonely. I have downloaded some Jesus documentaries to listen to over the next few days. I want to thank you because you always bring me some comfort by sharing your videos and your life. I especially enjoy when you just ramble videos. It is like a friend just talking to me. Thanks you for the happiness you brings to me. G

  • gozo
    gozo 5 个月前

    This finna blow up

  • grace
    grace 5 个月前

    Some of these facts are giving Scotland a bad rep 😳