ASMR - 5 Minutes at a Time 下載

  • 2019年12月10日

  • #asmr #triggers #relaxing Welcome everyone! In this video we do 7 different relaxing sounds and visual triggers for 5 minutes each! I even put a counter so you know how much time you have left for each one. I think it turned out really good and I hope you enjoy it! Goodnight!! *Merch Soon* Find Me On The Internet: Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: Vlog Channel: Music Channel: Creator Code: WatchMatty I’m on Spotify! You can now listen while your phone is off! I'm on the ZEES App! Use Code "mattytingles" when you join! Equipment I Use: Canon G7X Mark II Sony a6000 2019 Macbook Pro 15” (16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) Final Cut Pro Neewer 14” Ring Light Blue Yeti Microphone Business Inquires: I Have a PO Box! Send me things! Matty PO Box 953 Turner, OR 97392


  • Cooked Beef
    Cooked Beef 9 个月前

    Who else hides asmr likes it's drugs?

  • Joe Deehan
    Joe Deehan 9 个月前

    Would love a darker intro, yours is great but so bright. Maybe just the same intro with dark background instead of white?

  • igotzerohoes
    igotzerohoes 9 个月前(修改过)

    Time stamps:

  • leonardo garcia
    leonardo garcia 9 个月前

    And when it’s Christmas he‘ll be Matty Jingles.

  • Thatkidquintin VR
    Thatkidquintin VR 9 个月前

    When the volume turned off I thought I connected to somebody’s Bluetooth speaker

  • Breken G
    Breken G 9 个月前


  • Judah Torgerud
    Judah Torgerud 9 个月前

    A new intro starting at the first video of 2020 could be a nice addition to the year.

  • ASMR Classic
    ASMR Classic 9 个月前

    It saddens me that you don’t have 1,000,000 subscribers yet.....

  • Insxne
    Insxne 9 个月前


  • Declan
    Declan 9 个月前(修改过)

    anyone else get knocked out by matty’s voice it’s so calming

  • Damon Rodrigues
    Damon Rodrigues 9 个月前

    Part 2 please button

  • Bearded Whisperer ASMR

    Had to pause Disney+ to get my tingles on 😊😬

  • HannaBear ASMR
    HannaBear ASMR 9 个月前

    Adore your intro and little jingle, but i totally see what people mean when they want it darker!

  • NKZ Spooky
    NKZ Spooky 9 个月前

    Too early that there isnt comments to read:(

  • your next door neighbor

    i like the intro and the music, it’s just a little too bright to be honest.

  • James Shore
    James Shore 9 个月前

    No one:

  • B_Hanes_
    B_Hanes_ 9 个月前

    To be honest I don’t want a new intro, I can always tell it’s your video playing if I’m not looking at my phone when I hear it, I think it’s unique to you and I love it bro ✌️

  • ASMR Self Checkout
    ASMR Self Checkout 9 个月前

    Dude, you never fail to deliver. That string at the end with the whole lineup was great, great because the giggles make an appearance.😁. Man your ASMR is 👌, I just uprooted my entire life for ASMR creation in ways I'll be getting into in my 1st premiere ever. I'd love everyone's input if you can find the time. Peace all 🤘

  • PostModernToast
    PostModernToast 9 个月前

    I love the intro as it is now

  • Reddo
    Reddo 9 个月前