ASMR Autumn Day in Bend 下載

  • 2018年12月5日

  • Song: Girl in Calico by Tow'rs


  • kyoyameganebereznoff

    Erin could probably make a killing making tourism ads for small towns.

  • Scottish Murmurs ASMR

    YES Erin! I love these kind of videos that you do! 😍 late afternoon nap sorted x

  • Lynsey Ricci
    Lynsey Ricci 1年前

    Please, please produce an ASMR-type documentary. If anyone could do it, it’s YOU. You’re brilliant!!

  • mrsjtalia
    mrsjtalia 1年前

    the song and sounds and cinematography make me miss a time in my life that never existed

  • Shogun_assassin Alice

    Anyone who can incite smells and feelings merely from descriptions of places is clearly NOT of this world.

  • Marsh Crawmer
    Marsh Crawmer 1年前

    Oh my gosh bend is my hometown and Im at college right now and miss it so much! This video makes me feel like I'm at home, you have no idea how much I need this! Thank you so much!

  • Chekhov’s MacGuffin

    The narrated vaca trips are my absolute fav asmr videos 💕

  • LoraLu
    LoraLu 1年前

    you are an awesome film maker! great footage. I just love the way you capture the music, sounds and visuals into such a great story. I watch them over and over. So magical!!! I look forward to seeing what you do with all the holiday lights!!! Hint hint!! :) blessings to you!!!

  • Isabel Jansen
    Isabel Jansen 1年前

    Idk why or if this even makes sense, but you just remind me of reading a really good book in bed with the lights dimmed. I’ve never associated a person with a feeling like that before lol

  • Martin Schlemmer

    The leaves arn't brown, they are "gold, rust and beige". I love it how you have a way of making everyday things just exalted!

  • Pillow Princess
    Pillow Princess 1年前

    Goodnight Moon is like the personification of autumn❤️🍁

  • bored cat
    bored cat 1年前(修改过)

    I really love how you talk detailed descriptions of what you see or think in your videos, and the outdoor-sy visuals because they're so satisfying and relaxing. It gives you a good head space and tingles. I especially love the low fire crackles. I'm in pure bless beside my heater with the heat seeping and it's great. Thank you😊❤️

  • pink milk
    pink milk 1年前

    How is it possible that you make me feel as if I am in the video with you, instead of at home in rainy old London?

  • 미국아재 Mister American

    Right when I'm laying down to sleep. Yesssssssssss

  • Microrgasm
    Microrgasm 1年前

    I have my semester exam tomorrow and I'm ready

  • Dwelling
    Dwelling 1年前

    Your videos are so healing to the soul.

  • Aaron Gallagher
    Aaron Gallagher 1年前

    I really struggle with my mental health and your videos help keep me going so thank you.

  • Nathan Longhair
    Nathan Longhair 1年前

    You’re a gosh-darned wizard, and you ain’t even called Harry.

  • amanda k
    amanda k 1年前

    everytime you post a travel video, it makes me want to go to portland

  • Jule K.
    Jule K. 1年前

    Why does your life seem like a fairytale? I love it! ❤️ (and I‘m also a little jealous...;))