ASMR - Beer & Netflix | What I've Been Watching 下載

  • 2020年4月30日

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  • Chris Correy
    Chris Correy 5 个月前

    2019 - Netflix with wine

  • FefeSZN
    FefeSZN 5 个月前

    You should watch this series called “money heist” it’s in Spanish but u can change it to English talking it’s a really good series

  • roseyyybillie
    roseyyybillie 5 个月前

    timothee chalamet is kinda cute tho🤭

  • Chloe Briere
    Chloe Briere 5 个月前

    I can't stop staring at your lipstick. It's so perfect for you.

  • Callugov8
    Callugov8 5 个月前

    A Stella certainly isn’t seen as fancy in Britain haha

  • The Highbury Zone
    The Highbury Zone 5 个月前

    Lmao is Stella seen as fancy in America? Here it’s a proper wife beater’s beer

  • Mark Kelly
    Mark Kelly 5 个月前

    Drinking lager in a Guinness glass ....

  • Sir Gio
    Sir Gio 5 个月前

    Beer and Netflix pretty much sums up my entire quarantine 🤙

  • Abby Kazakov
    Abby Kazakov 5 个月前(修改过)

    Sam you would absolutely love Bates Motel! It’s on Netflix and it’s such a good show. I feel like it’s the perfect show for u because it can be dark and has murder mysteries in it.

  • FefeSZN
    FefeSZN 5 个月前

    Damn she even lifted up her pinkie😂

  • marky147
    marky147 5 个月前(修改过)

    Season 3 Ozark was good, and Ruth is very central to the storyline.

  • Xeno 420
    Xeno 420 5 个月前

    Outer Banks was soooo goood one of my favorite shows for sure. I really hope the show gets a season 2.

  • Becky Briggs
    Becky Briggs 5 个月前

    Where's Carole Baskin's husband? Next true crime mystery for ASMR artists. 😁

  • FefeSZN
    FefeSZN 5 个月前

    I watched shameless to it’s the best show I’ve ever watched when I watch it, it brings back so much nostalgia because I was young when I would watch it on tv 😥nostalgia hits hard😥

  • G 7
    G 7 5 个月前

    its 7.37am and youre making me want a beer.

  • Gözde S
    Gözde S 5 个月前

    holy CRAP red is your color!! love you, i hope you and your family are doing amazing💗

  • namreg ortsac
    namreg ortsac 5 个月前

    Ozark season 3 was AMAZING. Ruth shines even more so I’m sure you’ll like it!

  • Erin Kadosh
    Erin Kadosh 5 个月前

    Little Fires Everywhere is such a good show on Hulu!

  • Zephyr Whispers ASMR
    Zephyr Whispers ASMR 5 个月前

    Beer & Netflix is what I'm doing right now 😂 Heineken & The Wedding Crashers 😂 added this to my watch later list! 💜

  • Dingobat4
    Dingobat4 5 个月前

    Be careful darling. The original potion that turned Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde was 8 bottles of Stella.