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  • 2019年12月23日

  • ASMR Calming Triggers For Sleep - ASMR No Talking. This video is for people who want to relax and sleep, listening to calming sounds and looking at soothing lights in the background. 4k ASMR no talking is perfect for people who cannot fall asleep and who don`t get tingles. Hi there! If you like this video please don`t forget to subscribe to my channel and like 😊. If you want to see different #ASMR videos for sleep and relaxation or certain triggers, like tapping, scratching and others, just tell me about it in the comments. Thanks for watching! Definition of ASMR: An initialism for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.” The purpose of ASMR is to relax people. ASMR videos are meant to give the viewer relaxing tingles at the back of their head and/or spine. ASMR videos usually involve one or more of the things: relaxing hand movements (visual triggers), gentle #asmrForSleep, different calm sounds, tapping, scratching, brushing and etc. 🎧Spotify: 🎧YouTube Music: 🎧Apple Music: 🎧Deezer: 🎧Links to other streaming services and stores are here: Timestamps: 00:00 Preview 1:45 Snowball rolling sounds 9:35 Purple snowflake garland 16:38 Wooden snowflake tapping 23:33 Silver lametta crinkling 33:33 Pinecone crunching 40:58 Wooden start tapping 49:06 Green sand playing 55:10 Glitter package crunching 1:00:00 Glitter playing 1:08:00 Golden spikes scratching 1:12:04 Candle package crinkling 1:18:22 Pearl candle scratching 1:24:12 Branch of fir crunching 1:32:03 Christmas tree bauble tapping 1:40:40 Sequin scratching 1:45:05 Sequin crunching 1:50:35 Wooden purse tapping 1:59:44 Fabric sac crunching 2:09:07 Porcelain star tapping 2:18:37 Napkin crinkly sounds 2:28:58 Carton box tapping 2:38:42 Fir scratching 2:43:49 Marshmallow crunching 2:54:39 Marshmallow melting


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    Hi guys! Merry Christmas! 🎄🤶🏻 Happy Holidays! 🤗

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    Me watching this in summer be like:

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    The people that appreciate the times and effort Stacy puts in her videos

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    Who's here like 4 months before Christmas in 2020 July

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    the one you’re waiting for

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    The way this lasts three hours and has no ads melts my heart.

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    My tingles are like flat soda... they’re there but they’re not there

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    I love how the colorful lights in the background are out of focus. 💜

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    Iris L 9 个月前

    Stacy, I'm want to be honest with you. You're not only the ASMR account that I follow... I discovered a few great ASMR artists. But trust me when I say: nobody like you. Nobody makes me feel the tingles that you make me feel, I don't know why, but I think you put a special "love" in what you do and create, and I can feel it. It's the only explanation for me, sorry if its sounds very "showy", but it's the true. I can feel relaxation, or a pleasure tickling on all my body, and obviously, you make me fall sleep. Oh, and thank you for share on Spotiy, its very nice and I appreciate it a lot. :D

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    Roses are red

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    I have a really important message.......

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    Hey Stacy ily this might be a weird request but could you put out a video of just all your previews back to back?

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    Friend: whats your favorite trigger?

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    This is pure dedication at 3 hours long - I can only imagine how long it took to film and edit! Thumbs up solely for that before I even watch

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    This will be what I listen to when I wrap presents tonight.

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