ASMR| Doing My Makeup| Tingly Close Whisper 下載

  • 2020年5月13日

  • I upload an ASMR video of me doing my makeup once a month, and incorporate the relaxing visuals of the application, as well as other makeup related triggers for relaxation and sleep. Hello everyone, Every word I say to you, I'm always in hopes you grasp my intentions and direction for this beautiful journey I get to call OUR CHANNEL. Makeup products that were used: (all products are cruelty free) *Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- *Glossier Haloscope dew effect highlighter (in the shade quartz) *Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer- *IT Superhero Mascara- *Essence lip liner (in shade Going Steady)- *Tarte Tarteist Brow Gel- *Anastasia Brow Definer (in shade Taupe)- *Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eyeshadow Palette- Today’s video includes a close up articulated whisper of me doing my makeup, whisper ramble, personal attention, tapping on makeup, hand movements, and words of self love for you all.💕 (Blue Yeti Mic) ***Patreon: ***Find my ASMR , AD free on the Tingles app- CONNECT WITH ME: **Business Email: **Instagram: graceasmrr ASMR has played such a consistent, important role in my life as I continue to take this journey of self love, and healing. I hope I can spark the light for your heart/mind and to be gentle to your being. This is OUR journey. Tingle away and remember you're worthy of all!💕💕


  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie 4 个月前

    Anyone else feel like they’re friends with Grace and Maddie? Lol. I love their life updates

  • Hannah Mkv
    Hannah Mkv 4 个月前

    Pro Tip: Listen to ASMR while getting ready in the morning to feel less anxious throughout the day ❤

  • gina g
    gina g 4 个月前(修改过)


  • Brady’s Bussy
    Brady’s Bussy 4 个月前

    I’m so mad about YouTube moving the comments😠😭 anyways, I hope you’re doing well Grace!💕

  • idiot asmr
    idiot asmr 4 个月前

    Me doing my makeup for another day of sitting on the couch

  • Meg’s World
    Meg’s World 4 个月前(修改过)

    If you feel comfortable could you pls do an ASMR Room Tour?

  • Muala Azemi princess
    Muala Azemi princess 4 个月前

    Me: i’m not really that tired

  • — whqtevcr
    — whqtevcr 4 个月前

    “i get paid through youtube”

  • OpTic Pamaj
    OpTic Pamaj 4 个月前

    Omg I feel like if you could repeat the words handbag and purse in like a trigger video it would be sooooo good ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lulu Parry
    Lulu Parry 4 个月前

    Everyone’s attacking people with just the

  • Addie Hollingshead
    Addie Hollingshead 4 个月前

    I love how human you are grace. Your not pretending to be perfect and your not scared to share personal storys. Your amazing and my idol! Also im working out to feel confident during quarintine❤

  • Erdan R.
    Erdan R. 4 个月前

    It's so strange to watch it as a guy. I'm asking me every time: What are she doing here, why you need that xD btw relaxing vid

  • Andrea s
    Andrea s 4 个月前

    it’s 1am here and i just realised i’ve been watching tiktok for three hours. i guess this is a sign i should go to sleep.

  • A G
    A G 4 个月前

    Makes me sad w all the cuts lol I always listen to what u say and now I’ll never know the ending to those sentences haha❤️

  • Essence Hall
    Essence Hall 4 个月前

    People assuming you're getting your nails done as if people can't do there own nails or just grow them out? Anyway, you look lovely grace and as always great vid!!!

  • Iona Dildo
    Iona Dildo 4 个月前

    She is beauty, she is Grace, she puts the makeup on her face

  • Sam
    Sam 4 个月前

    I’d be losing my mind w.o U Mads, ocean, and Rach asmr durin this crazy time of lock down

  • Ashlee GucciQueen
    Ashlee GucciQueen 4 个月前

    i love her whole vibe she is so genuinely sweet and when she just rambles and loses her train of thought it’s actually entertaining to listen to. and sometimes i feel like she feels like she has to explain things or explain what she meant and sometimes i just wanna tell her like we know what you meant. if that makes sense but i understand being an influencer sometimes people misunderstand things.

  • The Empress ASMR
    The Empress ASMR 4 个月前


  • Mackenzie H.
    Mackenzie H. 4 个月前

    Genuinely appreciate you just talking about your experiences at all with mental health, especially in/outpatient services!