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  • 2020å¹´4月29日

  • Hello, everyone. It's myaling. These days, it has became important to wash our hands often, right? So in this video, I'll provide you a moist care for your dry hands that have been washed often. I'm going to care your hands with a natural scrubs, jojoba oil, and essential oil that helps relieve fatigue, so you can watch the video feel relieved. In addition, I'll provide a simple nail care services. (The jojoba oil has very strong moisturizing, it's good for dry and sensitive skin.) I hope this video will help you in your healthy life, then have a good night~ 안녕하세요, 여러분. 먀링입니다. 요즘, 손을 자주 씻는 일이 굉장히 중요해졌죠? 그래서 이번 영상에선, 손을 자주 씻어서 건조해진 여러분의 손을 위해 보습관리를 해드리려고 해요. 천연 스크럽제와 호호바오일, 그리고 피로회복에 도움을 주는 에센셜 오일을 사용하여 관리할 테니, 안심하고 시청하셔도 돼요. 추가로 네일케어 서비스도 제공할 거예요. (호호바 오일은 강력한 보습력을 가지고 있어서 건조하고 민감한 피부에 좋아요.) 이 영상이 여러분의 건강한 삶에 도움이 되길 바라며, 그럼 좋은 꿈 꾸세요~ #asmr #hand #treatment


  • Myaling ASMR
    Myaling ASMR 5 个月前(修改过)

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  • Stephanie Gonzales
    Stephanie Gonzales 5 个月前

    Myaling is seriously one of the most underrated ASMRtists on youtube. Every single video is such great quality - both in sound and in execution.

  • Rainbow.roblox_girl Rainbow
    Rainbow.roblox_girl Rainbow 4 个月前(修改过)

    Green screen: I’m here for u!

  • Hannah Reese
    Hannah Reese 4 个月前

    Other people : 😌

  • Angelina Mainetti
    Angelina Mainetti 4 个月前

    Are there any places that actually provide services like this? ASMR style? I'd pay ridiculous amounts of money to go there and have this relaxing experience at least once a month.

  • Drew Lawrence
    Drew Lawrence 4 个月前

    Does anyone else find Myaling's environments so relaxing that they actively fight the sleep because they want to keep watching?

  • anj
    anj 5 个月前

    queen myaling really built a spa in her home 🥺 soy+latte+myaling collab would be amazing!

  • UMI
    UMI 3 个月前

    I would be willing to sell my soul to the devil to get someone to do this to me •-•

  • sofia morales
    sofia morales 4 个月前

    Admiro la delicadeza con la que hace cada movimiento ya que en ningún momento se escuchó un sonido molesto o muy fuerte, realmente este vídeo me parece muy relajante no solo por los sonidos sino también por ver la buena postura que tiene al sentarse, lo delicada que es al moverse, la impecable limpieza que tiene, wow. Eres un ejemplo de pulcritud y delicadeza.

  • Sierra Cook
    Sierra Cook 4 个月前

    her posture is amazing, can we just talk about that?

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  • Narimatsu
    Narimatsu 5 个月前(修改过)

    Damn, if I was there, I’d be snoring lmfao

  • Carmela Camba
    Carmela Camba 1 天前

    my whole face is tingling, this is next level asmr.

  • tgbluewolf
    tgbluewolf 5 个月前

    The dislikes are just jealous that they're not the hand model

  • Snoodle Dumpling
    Snoodle Dumpling 1 个月前

    Holy chickens, the preview alone is over two and a half minutes. This is dedication.

  • JillyMae89
    JillyMae89 4 个月前

    Does anyone else get like more tingles from the previews of every video than the video itself?

  • Avalon Reid
    Avalon Reid 2 个月前

    Alternative title: Myaling shows off her collection of bowls

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    Aqui está el comentario en español que buscabas😻😂