ASMR Hair Stylist Roleplay 下載

  • 2019年7月25日

  • This video was requested so I hope you all enjoy :) Business: Paypal (aka tip jar!) : Instagram: oceanna.fayantbarz Discount Codes: not affiliate codes, they are just to help you guys :) Oceanwaveboutique: OCEANSASMR for 30% off your order Shineshrineglitter: OCEANSASMR for 20% off your order Clean-couture bath boxes: OCEANBATH for $5 off your order Fabfitfun: OCEAN10 for $10 off your subscription box Discount codes that are affiliate codes, these help me out but don’t cost you extra, they actually help you save money :) IGK Hair Products: use code MAGICLINKS for 20% off Triggers: -hair brushing -hand movements -personal attention -tapping


  • sequoiah thunder
    sequoiah thunder 1年前(修改过)

    ocean: “you’ve been growing your hair out eh?”

  • rebekah elizabeth

    Ocean: “ so tell me what’s uppp “

  • tayaldc
    tayaldc 1年前(修改过)

    Can you please do a video of big sis giving you a pep talk about middle school or high school?

  • Daniela Dinoia
    Daniela Dinoia 1年前

    Ocean: okay what’s the plan

  • ASMR Waves
    ASMR Waves 1年前

    ocean : " i mean i remember talking to you about it bc you have scoliosis "

  • Haylee Rain
    Haylee Rain 1年前

    I wish my hairdresser was like this, instead she just quietly judges my split ends and tangly hair😅🙃

  • Billie Marie Rosado


  • Ella Tallarico
    Ella Tallarico 1年前

    Wait wait...a purple head band and red dress..??😂😂

  • Bernadette Craig

    Ocean: “you’ve been growing your hair out eh”

  • Just Dont Ask
    Just Dont Ask 1年前

    Can you do a ear piercing rp? Much love❤️

  • Steven Allen
    Steven Allen 1年前

    Ocean: When was rhe last time you washed your hair?

  • Rebecca Lovely
    Rebecca Lovely 1年前

    Me : gets ready to go to bed

  • Kidrauhl4eveeer
    Kidrauhl4eveeer 1年前

    lush has amazing shampoo/conditioner bars.. of course they are a litte more expensive but I find them amazing and they work for my hair. They also have metal tins in which you can store the shampoo and conditioner bars!

  • Amari Holt
    Amari Holt 1年前


  • iMADIGANable
    iMADIGANable 1年前

    Ocean: what club are you going to?

  • Dylan's Family
    Dylan's Family 1年前

    Ocean: Give me a hug

  • Sawyer Smith
    Sawyer Smith 1年前


  • Camila Sandoval
    Camila Sandoval 1年前

    You should do a lipgloss application video with mouth sounds!! Like if u guys agree! Love u ocean 🥰

  • Elizabeth N
    Elizabeth N 1年前

    Her: when’s the last time you washed your hair? Me: three weeks ago her: nice, freshly washed 💀😂

  • Jordyn Love
    Jordyn Love 1年前

    You should do a part two of washing a cutting and maybe dying hair,ily!!