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  • 2019年11月28日

  • Soft spoken male asmr sleep story about the spice trade from Prehistoric times to our days. In this video, I invite you to travel along the Spice Road and discover how these mysterious spices, that were high-luxury goods for centuries, were brought to India, the Middle East and Europe. From the expansion of Austronesians to the Age of Discovery and Portuguese navigators, we explore what spices are, where they came from and why they were in such high demand. All images under Creative Commons (source Wikipedia), part of the thumbnail and first image under standard license from PantherMedia, video by The French Whisperer.  **************************************************** My Facebook page: Patreon: your contribution is very welcome. I use it to buy props for videos, books, and pay the bills! Patrons can also download videos in HD, or audio only, and watch or listen to them offline. paypal account: on the front page of my channel or


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  • Sharon Bohnenberger
    Sharon Bohnenberger 10 个月前

    I never click on videos as fast as yours. Please don't go away again.

  • Spluck It
    Spluck It 10 个月前

    Amazing voice. Well researched topics. Engaging, easily digestible presentation. A true educator. These videos are a gift that I give myself every day. Christian is a treasure.

  • Jon Hart
    Jon Hart 10 个月前

    This guy deserves some patreon luv, encouragement for his impeccable videos! Do it if you can plz!

  • Hannah Headden
    Hannah Headden 10 个月前

    16 people got pepper in their eyes and accidentally hit dislike.

  • Melu Marsa
    Melu Marsa 10 个月前

    My dear French Whisperer! I'm watching a show called "The Americans" there's a scene where a character is listening to your ASMR! Amazing! Season 4 Episode 1. You should be reimbursed for using your ASMR. Now I'm happy I've tried to watch this as it is not my taste in shows. You're speaking about railrodes & Agatha Christie's Muder on the Orient Express etc. Has anyone told you this??? All my love. 😘😘😘

  • Mizore Shirayuki
    Mizore Shirayuki 10 个月前

    My first thought seeing the title was ‘the spice must flow”

  • Meetra Surrik
    Meetra Surrik 10 个月前

    I have so many pepper corns in my cupboard, I'd love to go back in time and become filthy rich

  • Nathan ASMR
    Nathan ASMR 10 个月前(修改过)

    Thanksgiving and a new video from the French Whisperer? PLUS the fascinating Spice Road? Now thats a Thanksgiving to remember.

  • Jordan May
    Jordan May 10 个月前

    My favorite channel of all time... There is always a tinge of nostalgia for a brief relationship I had with a beautiful French girl in the early 2000s though... 😢

  • Violently Sappy
    Violently Sappy 10 个月前

    So this is where the Spice Girls got their name from?

  • TB89
    TB89 10 个月前

    Could you do the history of the slave trade?

  • Jon Hart
    Jon Hart 10 个月前

    Oh this one looks good! I'll be back this evening ty!

  • Victoria Black
    Victoria Black 10 个月前

    You are awesome! I can’t fall asleep without you now lol. My favorite ASMR channel. I love relaxing while learning. :)

  • vortmax1981
    vortmax1981 10 个月前

    I only found your videos after you came back from your long break, but I'm glad I did because they're always relaxing AND educational

  • Isaac Khan
    Isaac Khan 10 个月前

    Over 5 years of videos and you still keep delivering absolute gold, can't thank you enough

  • Zack Nichols
    Zack Nichols 10 个月前

    Christmas came early! Thank you for the video, my friend.

  • Diehard 270
    Diehard 270 10 个月前

    Could you do a history of the early christian church? Something like “from Christ’s ascension to Rome’s conversion

  • ISayToMyself
    ISayToMyself 10 个月前

    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽. Thanks for the upload.

  • Bea M
    Bea M 10 个月前

    Listening to this is so cool to me because i can softly drift off to sleep while listening to tales of my country's golden days in the Discovery Age :D i ADORE your videos, much love from Portugal! :)