• 2019å¹´10月7日

  • Hello everyone!! Today we have something from the ASMR IN PUBLIC/OUTDOORS series! And today a very special video because we are taking a look at a well known abandoned building in my city. Do not worry about it being illegal or dangerous to go here because it isn't! Many people go to this place just to visit, take pictures and there has been videos about exploring this area too up on youtube :D This place is also frequently patrolled by police (no nothing shady happens here) or so I heard because it is part of a fancy neighbourhood. ASMR IN PUBLIC/ OUTDOORS playlist My Instagram @_clalaves_ What I heard about the owners of this now abandoned mansion, People say that the owners were very rich owners of a well known supermarket (TongHing). Unfortunately, they were murdered in a robbery back in 2004, not in this house but in their other house. Some people believed this mansion was owned by them. Now I am not sure about this but this is only what I heard so feel free to correct me if you do know :D


  • goblindaughter
    goblindaughter 11 个月前

    Things that will stop Clare from tapping:

  • melody zhang
    melody zhang 11 个月前(修改过)

    claree: touching the walls and everything for tapping

  • sab
    sab 11 个月前

    no one:

  • Galaxy Lucy
    Galaxy Lucy 9 个月前(修改过)

    I'm usually a bit scared of abondoned places but while watching this i don't feel uncomfortable or something like that. Is it weird? 🤣

  • 606
    606 6 个月前

    Imagine being a curious kid seeking the place and hearing the whispering, nail tapping and scratching... I'd yeet myself out of there lmao

  • han
    han 11 个月前

    if a crime ever occurs here, clare's fingerprints are everywhere.

  • Rhino 51
    Rhino 51 11 个月前

    Imagine being the camera person trying not to make a sound

  • Shanyaimarie90 Okokki
    Shanyaimarie90 Okokki 11 个月前

    That would be a beautiful house if they fixed it up

  • *Mog the BTS Army*
    *Mog the BTS Army* 11 个月前


  • Sierra x
    Sierra x 11 个月前(修改过)

    Okay but this place must have been so pretty when it was lived in

  • EazyPeazy
    EazyPeazy 11 个月前

    Claree: * Does Asmr In abandoned mansion *

  • Ollie Haynes
    Ollie Haynes 10 个月前


  • Alpaquinha
    Alpaquinha 11 个月前(修改过)

    Claree: tapping everywhere

  • Kenma's KittyToes
    Kenma's KittyToes 3 个月前(修改过)

    Suggested sounds !

  • Yeetus My Reetus
    Yeetus My Reetus 11 个月前(修改过)

    Claree: taps everything and doesn’t talk about ghosts

  • Tekk
    Tekk 11 个月前

    Normal people : graffiti

  • Marina
    Marina 11 个月前

    her: tapping on everything, stepping on broken glass

  • Shero
    Shero 11 个月前(修改过)


  • Shoham Yosef
    Shoham Yosef 7 个月前


  • Claire•*•
    Claire•*• 10 个月前

    Why is no one talking about how massive and cool that mansion is, like imagine how awesome it would be if it was not abandoned