ASMR In Dollar Tree 下載

  • 2019年12月1日

  • we love a good dollar tree Social Media ☀︎ Instagram- TikTok- trevvvvor twitter- DeanAsmr Snapchat me!!- trevordw5673 what I use to make videos -Amazon Ring Light x2 -Cannon G7X Mark ii -Blue Yeti Microphone (Midnight Blue) email-


  • Wallows- NH
    Wallows- NH 9 个月前(修改过)

    “I’m not sure if everything is a dollar in this store”

  • Nayeli Dimas
    Nayeli Dimas 9 个月前

    If you mute the video, it looks like he's interviewing random objects in the store

  • Alykeiii
    Alykeiii 9 个月前

    Is no one gonna mention how he called those kids annoying right in front of them and their dad lmao

  • Hailey Feller
    Hailey Feller 9 个月前

    “I never really come to dollar tree”

  • shaterra
    shaterra 9 个月前

    “i’m perfectly fine sir” LMAOOOOO

  • Jazmyne Lewis
    Jazmyne Lewis 9 个月前

    “I’m perfectly fine sir” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melissa Anderson
    Melissa Anderson 9 个月前

    there is some weird energy in this dollar tree lmaooo

  • N.K
    N.K 9 个月前

    "I love how everybody left the isle as soon as we came in"

  • Yazmin Garcia
    Yazmin Garcia 3 个月前

    Back when you could touch everything in the store because corona virus didn’t exist😂😂

  • HOTBOSS99LL Boss99ll
    HOTBOSS99LL Boss99ll 9 个月前


  • Lego Eda
    Lego Eda 9 个月前(修改过)

    ASMR in IKEA. This store has so many tingles its not even funny

  • lizbeth
    lizbeth 9 个月前

    bystanders: “why is he interviewing the products?” 🎤

  • Amy Romatzick
    Amy Romatzick 9 个月前


  • geo morel
    geo morel 9 个月前

    This is how many people who love when you say “we love a good”

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  • Chris
    Chris 9 个月前

    We love a good “we love a good”

  • cole
    cole 9 个月前

    No one:

  • Robo Nugget
    Robo Nugget 9 个月前(修改过)

    “I’m kinda bored of the Christmas stuff, let’s move down here”

  • Ginchmann _
    Ginchmann _ 9 个月前

    Dean :”what’s the highest price here?”

  • minty
    minty 9 个月前

    store: dollar tree