ASMR In Target 下載

  • 2019年11月21日

  • Hi everyone I hope you enjoyed today’s video!! I love making public ASMR and I definitely will be making more! Social Media ☀︎ Instagram- TikTok- trevvvvor twitter- DeanAsmr Snapchat- trevordw5673 what I use to make videos -Amazon Ring Light x2 -Cannon G7X Mark ii -Blue Yeti Microphone (Midnight Blue) email-


  • NalaR R
    NalaR R 10 个月前

    No don’t stop saying “We love a good” I actually like that!!

  • Lavender Rain ASMR
    Lavender Rain ASMR 10 个月前

    When he said “I’m not really familiar with this target” we KNOW he went to one out of town so he wouldn’t run into people he knew and sis that’s smart

  • Twin Asmr
    Twin Asmr 10 个月前

    Make a this blue if he should still say “we love a good”

  • Alex Color Burst
    Alex Color Burst 10 个月前

    Okay, I cant be the only one who randomly starts tapping on stuff in stores now, right?

  • mai
    mai 10 个月前

    imagine having the confidence to do this in public i could never

  • Jadyn Hoard
    Jadyn Hoard 10 个月前


  • Bunzeizz
    Bunzeizz 10 个月前

    I am just waiting for a “doing asmr in IKEA”heh please like this if u agree :()

  • itsmolly 00
    itsmolly 00 10 个月前

    “I see some two girls that kind of look really normal”

  • Aesthetic Space
    Aesthetic Space 10 个月前

    No one's talking about how strong he was to go into Target and not buy everything he saw

  • Nevaehs Theories
    Nevaehs Theories 10 个月前

    no one:

  • Emma G
    Emma G 10 个月前

    “Disney, who are you scamming?”

  • Sarah Frisina
    Sarah Frisina 10 个月前

    He's always calling things the wrong name, it's so adorable lol

  • Kendall Knight
    Kendall Knight 10 个月前

    “Definitely the Pinterest moms want this shirt”

  • Romi
    Romi 10 个月前

    Nooo you weren’t annoying us with the “we love a good” we just thought it was funny

  • Halle Whicker
    Halle Whicker 10 个月前

    “idk why she gave a me a dirty look i’m just trying to tap on products” wow we love a good statement😂

  • Alexa Newman
    Alexa Newman 10 个月前

    "KiNda LoOKs LikE ThE FrOZeN FrOM eLsA OnE" - Dean ASMR 2019

  • Makayla Boulais
    Makayla Boulais 10 个月前

    The “hi ma’am” I’M SCREAMINGGGG

  • Kim Namjoonis
    Kim Namjoonis 10 个月前(修改过)

    Other asmrtist : "omg quick somebody is watching us!"

  • yuta :T
    yuta :T 10 个月前

    dean is the only asmrtist i’ve found that sends me to sleep, there’s something about his voice and the mic idfk lmao anyone else?

  • Prince Hive
    Prince Hive 10 个月前

    Can I just say, whoever's holding the camera is a natural