ASMR In Ulta 下載

  • 2019年12月12日

  • Hi everyone I hope you liked my new public ASMR video!! Ikea is next 👀 Social Media ☀︎ Instagram- TikTok- trevvvvor twitter- DeanAsmr Snapchat- trevordw5673 what I use to make videos -Amazon Ring Light x2 -Cannon G7X Mark ii -Blue Yeti Microphone (Midnight Blue) email-


  • miranda725
    miranda725 9 个月前

    he seriously has like Jeffree's level of public confidence lol

  • Selzxo
    Selzxo 9 个月前

    If I had his confidence it would b over for y’all

  • J .O
    J .O 9 个月前(修改过)

    Dean: "I'm kind of scared cause there's a lot of workers. Hopefully they don't see us"

  • Jimin Shi
    Jimin Shi 9 个月前

    Imagine the security guard checking the cameras and seeing a guy tapping on everything 👁👄👁

  • Dfggd Dgcc
    Dfggd Dgcc 9 个月前

    I don’t know why, but ulta sounds like a planet.

  • Jodi's ASMR
    Jodi's ASMR 9 个月前

    The coffee beans are so that you can reset your nose when you’re smelling lots of perfumes :))

  • faith sherman
    faith sherman 9 个月前

    why is dean’s side profile actually perfect 💀?

  • Fashion Luxury
    Fashion Luxury 9 个月前

    “Tap on her head just to give a little tribute to her” 🤣🤣

  • Rachael Henderson
    Rachael Henderson 9 个月前

    Dean is sooo funny when he’s just being himself. These public asmr vids are defos my faves from him!

  • Aiden Bishop
    Aiden Bishop 9 个月前

    He looks like a mixed version between Shawn Menendes and James Charles

  • Cesar MALon
    Cesar MALon 9 个月前

    When he said “they’re still selling this?” at Jaclyn Hill I gasped. The SHADE😂

  • Layla_Sarai
    Layla_Sarai 9 个月前

    Imagine being so confident in public, you can go round and tap on things with a mix and camera

  • Adam Hampton
    Adam Hampton 9 个月前

    Why does his microphone look like Mr. O’Hare from the Lorax

  • Aunt Granny
    Aunt Granny 9 个月前

    He really asked a random person to do asmr in public

  • Sammy Rose
    Sammy Rose 9 个月前


  • Anna Lawlor
    Anna Lawlor 9 个月前

    Who else found the background talking weirdly calming along with the triggers

  • SJ
    SJ 9 个月前

    "some girl's getting her makeup done, love that for her" 😂

  • vanessa bonet
    vanessa bonet 9 个月前

    Asmr at Ikea. They have such cool set- ups in there.

  • Maddie foster
    Maddie foster 9 个月前(修改过)

    when he says hi to the employee in a whispering voice

  • Philip Nguyen
    Philip Nguyen 9 个月前(修改过)

    "Hopefully they dont see us"