ASMR medical checkup 下載

  • 2020年3月29日

  • Raffy makes sure you are alive. This video features keyboard sounds, tapping, crinkles, liquid sounds, gloves (latex) sounds, and lots of whispers. I do hope that you enjoy and i hope everyone is staying safe. You can find me on the zees app! Listen to me on spotify: Reach out on twitter: @RaffyTaphyASMR Follow me on insta: @raffytaphy Business: #ASMR #Medical #Relaxing


  • M. Ahsan
    M. Ahsan 5 个月前

    If your doctor says "And yes, I am a real doctor" that's usually not a good sign lmao

  • Laura Nguyen
    Laura Nguyen 5 个月前

    “It’s not a purse, it’s a medical bag.”

  • cheezey broz
    cheezey broz 5 个月前

    Me: gets shot 45 times

  • Swrds ll
    Swrds ll 4 个月前

    POV: Your chilling in bed nice and comfy looking through the comments

  • Andrew Travis
    Andrew Travis 5 个月前

    Raffy: “and what is your name?”

  • Kai K
    Kai K 5 个月前

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this guy actually put triggers in his role play video? And did it smoothly with humor? That takes talent, skill, but mostly hard work. Thank you for that, Raffy.

    HYPERK1ND 5 个月前(修改过)


  • Jamezlo _
    Jamezlo _ 5 个月前

    Imagine if a doctor asked you name and started turning the keyboard upside down

  • ACP - MATT
    ACP - MATT 5 个月前


  • Bubbymane
    Bubbymane 5 个月前

    Raffy: “This is a medical bag and NOT a purse”

  • TH3M4Z
    TH3M4Z 4 个月前(修改过)

    When Elon Musk’s son goes to the doctors and they ask for his name:

  • Jordan Bielik
    Jordan Bielik 4 个月前(修改过)

    “And yes I am a real doctor”

  • Blue Trooper
    Blue Trooper 5 个月前

    Raffy: what’s wrong

  • jabba the hutt
    jabba the hutt 5 个月前

    Raffy: and what’s your name?

  • KungFuBeast
    KungFuBeast 5 个月前

    Raffy: okay and what’s your age

  • Adam Avery
    Adam Avery 5 个月前

    Raffi: you have wonderful hearing"

  • Tori
    Tori 2 个月前

    𝓉𝒾𝓂𝑒𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓂𝓅𝓈 ✦

  • Rick Rolled
    Rick Rolled 4 个月前

    Raffy: what’s your name?

  • dudu jay
    dudu jay 5 个月前

    Goes in for doctors appointment

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    Raffy: What’s your name?