• 2017年7月16日

  • Name's John from TIME magazine! Today you'll become famous as my friend Tom and I take some photos of your sexy face along with some making-of recordings. Stay right where you are but most important, stay relaxed. PATREON: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: ANOTHINK:


  • Fiona Berg
    Fiona Berg 3年前(修改过)

    that's the most realistic sharpie mustache I've ever seen

  • _maisieporter
    _maisieporter 3年前


  • green
    green 3年前

    Friend: Hey can I see your camera real quick?

  • Foxglove
    Foxglove 3年前

    I clicked on the video for the mustache

  • ♥ Luz ASMR ♥

    Esos movimientos jajaja te identifican

  • Bryce Horton
    Bryce Horton 3年前

    If my school photographer was like this I would look forward to picture day.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 3年前(修改过)

    I'm early, but I can't think of a good comment. :'(

  • Koro-sensei
    Koro-sensei 3年前

    All this here read...

  • João Miranda
    João Miranda 3年前

    there is a head in your hair

  • Yasmine Flawers
    Yasmine Flawers 3年前

    This is the most realistic fake mustache I ever seen

  • zoaleo
    zoaleo 3年前

    Best ASMR's Channel

  • Laura
    Laura 3年前(修改过)


  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 3年前

    I hate being early cuz there are no good comments to read so I actually have to WATCH the asmr smh 😑😂

  • November
    November 3年前

    Día: (desconocido)

  • PethSi
    PethSi 3年前

    he said " My name is John"....i heard " My name is Chong"...

  • Anne J. van Plan.T

    did u smoke something weird ?

  • Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert 3年前

    I expected fastest ASMR video 3.5.2

  • Jasøn
    Jasøn 3年前

    I'm your biggest air conditioner

  • Mahfi Boufaid
    Mahfi Boufaid 3年前

    who else smiled when he says smile 😂😂😂

  • Kyreem
    Kyreem 3年前

    You should role-play as Mr. Jefferson, and give us all a photoshoot to DIE for. All while telling us to submit our photos for the "Every Day Heroes Contest,".