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  • 2019å¹´12月10日

  • Hello everyone!! Welcome back to my channel! A few months ago I uploaded this video of ASMR in my highschool that was for the purpose of raising funds for our prom this year. SO HERE IT IS! Every viewer who watched that video I would like to say THANK YOU for contributing to our prom and making it wonderful! I really hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what you think in the comments below :D Intro video shot by Eric Gom💫 -Original video here: A LONG LIST OF NAMES AND SOCIALS Roland (@rolansmh), Ryanzie and Finnea (@r3nzeh @finneea), Emerald (@emeraldteresaho), Joshua (@joshuang12345), Jescindra (@rossy.jes02), Jia Wei and Natalie (@xxjiaweiii_1105 @natalie_tham), Elhan (@ethanrusain), KC (@meetkc_), Kanisha (@knsh.a), Beavan (@_b_e_a_v_), Esther, (@not3sther), Jasper, Adlen (@banana_gonna_banatas), Nicole (@nicolevalerielai), Chia, Eddie (@eddie.tpt), Vanessa & Terry (@_.vanness._ @_.trnmrk._), Irvine (@wongyh_irvine), Nelson (@nels_lee), Dexter (@dex.xander), Alexander (@alexander5202), Lorain (@lorain_ephrin), Clement, Chelsea (@chelsslayy), Dale (@daleirvine002), Fexen (@fexsfelix), Kathlene (@alex_kathhh), Desmond (@_desmondsingh_), Joerry (@joeryg_m), Winnie, Alexander and Roland (@alexpansiol), Pauline (@mepaultee), Benedict (@benedict._.james), Kavin (@vinpansiol), Jeremiah(@jeremiahjr14), Belle (@phybelle), Amber (@@oopsy_doopsy), Racheal (@emceerakel), Zach (@zchrychn), Jadon (@jadon_luke), Ivan (@ivxn.f). *if youre in this list and you want something to be edited, dm me on Instagram!# Follow me on Instagram@_clalaves_


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    Hello everybody!! We all hope you like the video :D

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    I can't believe Orange shirt guy has a date, and it's not me. So sad....

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    Hello random person just clicking on all the timestamps they see😁😁

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    The most wholesome thing to ever happen in a hotel room after prom.

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    So is nobody gonna talk about

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    See! I knew you were the popular kid at school

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    You being prom queen was already a fact.

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    I love what the guy is wearing at

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    Me att a job interview when the boss ask me any special skills: