ASMR Repeating Intro & Outro! 下載

  • 2019年12月4日

  • Hello everybody! Welcome to this weeks bonus video :D I will be uploading 2 times a week from now on. One main video on the weekend and one bonus side video midweek! I hope you like it :D Follow me on Instagram @_clalaves_


  • Dong ASMR
    Dong ASMR 9 个月前(修改过)

    That moment when you realize you’ve never heard the outro

  • Clareee ASMR
    Clareee ASMR 9 个月前

    I did an oopsie...the audio is inverted AH!!

  • skruetny
    skruetny 9 个月前(修改过)

    me :

  • CalDafKey •_
    CalDafKey •_ 9 个月前(修改过)

    "Today we're gonna do an asmr video"

  • Gangsta ASMR
    Gangsta ASMR 9 个月前

    I legit never heard your outro 😂

  • reva
    reva 9 个月前

    i watch this with my eyes closed and im getting anxious everytime she said the outro that the video will end lmaoo

  • Sanjeev
    Sanjeev 9 个月前

    Teacher walks in

  • Bby Lauren
    Bby Lauren 9 个月前

    I love how proud she is of her outro. It’s so original and cute and my FAVORITE asmr outro because it’s so special and sweet 💕

  • ASMR Julian
    ASMR Julian 9 个月前

    It's so strange to hear the intro and outro for 15 minutes but I love it.

  • Fasya Rakha Tsurayya
    Fasya Rakha Tsurayya 9 个月前

    the fingers flutters it's so good omg

  • Jedidiah Salaveria
    Jedidiah Salaveria 9 个月前

    Damn you're so pretty claree

  • Plushy
    Plushy 9 个月前(修改过)


  • XKawaiiboysX 2
    XKawaiiboysX 2 9 个月前

    Clare I feel like you should do a ASMR house tour?

  • Lance Santiago
    Lance Santiago 9 个月前

    My finger is on auto mode when i got notif from Clare

  • Jhodie Dela Pena
    Jhodie Dela Pena 9 个月前(修改过)

    I was scrolling in the comment section and i love how she replies on almost all of the comments that's when i knew im not wrong at stanning u lmao

  • Cross Schjerning
    Cross Schjerning 9 个月前

    I started watching her vids to fall asleep now I be watching them cause they interesting af😂

  • Baheelay
    Baheelay 9 个月前


  • Tsukii*.
    Tsukii*. 9 个月前

    She: that's a bit

  • noone **
    noone ** 9 个月前

    Clare is the only one who can give me tingles❤

  • P
    P 9 个月前

    Every time you said the outro I'd get sad🙁 thinking the vid was really going to end.....until I saw there was still alot of video left 😥