✂️ ASMR RP ✂️ the EXCESSIVE hairstylist cuts your hair! 下載

  • 2020年3月3日

  • Hello everyone! Good to see you again! :D Today I, the excessive hair stylist, will cut and wash your hair! This is a roleplay which contain lots of scissor sounds, water shaking, scalp massaging, hair combing and many more :)) According to my post in the community tab I posted a lot of weeks ago, many of you wanted to see a roleplay from me. So here you go! I hope that its okay because I’m the type who doesn’t really plan what to say in roleplays so I hope nothing sounds weird haha :D Follow me on Instagram @_clalaves_


  • Clareee ASMR
    Clareee ASMR 6 个月前(修改过)

    Good evening!

  • Ash Capulong
    Ash Capulong 6 个月前

    “IF YOU THINK SOMETHING’S WRONG, YOU’RE PROBABLY WRONG” this is the attitude I aspire to have in life

  • Kiki Nuver
    Kiki Nuver 6 个月前

    You see even my decorations are falling off the wall, its probably because they didn't put it on with two scissors 🤣

  • SuperLibbieZz
    SuperLibbieZz 6 个月前


  • Zaenal Arifin
    Zaenal Arifin 6 个月前

    Me : "getting haircut yesterday"

  • Saul R🈂
    Saul R🈂 6 个月前

    Clare should do more roleplays.

  • john nguyen
    john nguyen 6 个月前

    When you are bald but stil want to watch asmr and this video show up :

  • Holger vomOfen
    Holger vomOfen 6 个月前(修改过)

    where the hell did you get that kind of a hairdryer, i definitely need one of these! ;)

  • john nguyen
    john nguyen 6 个月前

    When the most ilegal trigger starts :

  • Dux
    Dux 6 个月前

    When the barber said, "Don't worry"..

  • Portgas
    Portgas 6 个月前

    Lol I thought that hairdryer just have some soft blowing sounds

  • Lua 444
    Lua 444 6 个月前


  • Andre
    Andre 6 个月前(修改过)

    Closes eyes. Wakes up.

  • Local Jax ASMR
    Local Jax ASMR 6 个月前

    I really love to see you doing relaxing hairstylist roleplay Clareee.

  • Peaches
    Peaches 6 个月前

    Can you make a series with this character? This is so entertaining and funny I love ittt.

  • 勇恩GhoulFishe
    勇恩GhoulFishe 6 个月前

    imagine if she actually got thirsty and tried to make the drinking part of the amsr

  • Sofia dansby
    Sofia dansby 6 个月前


  • FBI
    FBI 6 个月前

    Random facts #2: You transfer more germs shaking hands than kissing

  • oh you r nana
    oh you r nana 6 个月前

    the hair dryer :

  • Firebeast gaming/vlog
    Firebeast gaming/vlog 6 个月前

    You should do a video of all the bloopers like fails or just little sounds that messed up the video. Just a suggestion beside that I love your ASMR never fails to give tingles