ASMR Scalp Massage Roleplay 下載

  • 2019年7月12日

  • sorry I did not post this yesterday, my wifi was down :( Business: Paypal (aka tip jar!) : Instagram: oceanna.fayantbarz Discount Codes: not affiliate codes, they are just to help you guys :) Oceanwaveboutique: OCEANSASMR for 30% off your order Shineshrineglitter: OCEANSASMR for 20% off your order Clean-couture bath boxes: OCEANBATH for $5 off your order Fabfitfun: OCEAN10 for $10 off your subscription box Discount codes that are affiliate codes, these help me out but don’t cost you extra, they actually help you save money :) IGK Hair Products: use code MAGICLINKS for 20% off Triggers: -hair brushing -scalp massage sounds -water spray -personal attention


  • HunnyBoba Bear
    HunnyBoba Bear 1年前


  • Amalia Chirila
    Amalia Chirila 1年前

    the add before this vid was for a site called 4ocean that sells bracelets and for every bracelet they remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean

    PRO NOIR 1年前

    you and gracev uploaded within the hour 😭😭

  • fragilebbydoll
    fragilebbydoll 1年前


  • K- Cat
    K- Cat 1年前

    Girl how do you stay so happy and positive keep doing what u do best not matter what people say u r amazing

  • Mia Shepherd
    Mia Shepherd 1年前

    Can’t get over how good your skin looks

  • Camryn Killgoar
    Camryn Killgoar 1年前(修改过)

    me having long hair

  • I -
    I - 1年前

    Ocean: I see you part your hair

  • choerryontop
    choerryontop 10 个月前

    Ocean: Describes me with short dark hair

  • Idk Anymore
    Idk Anymore 1年前

    I swear you are one of the only Asmrtists that always gives me tingles

  • ivy iswackk
    ivy iswackk 1年前(修改过)

    ocean- “are you a big swimmer yourself”

  • evy tamayo
    evy tamayo 1年前(修改过)

    Have you ever looked at a comment and thought "i should've said that!" Cause same

  • sunnie lu
    sunnie lu 1年前

    ur hair looks so pretty when it’s pinned back🥺

  • Sophie Adamson
    Sophie Adamson 1年前

    Ocean: “I feel like darker hair like yours catches the light a lot nicer than blonde hair”

  • •Amelia•
    •Amelia• 11 个月前


  • emmi Haagleig
    emmi Haagleig 1年前

    she is so adorable; we appreciate you

  • Riley Long
    Riley Long 1年前

    Ocean: cuz I’m the boss around here

  • Kassy Small
    Kassy Small 1年前

    comment section:

  • Mina Skjoldby
    Mina Skjoldby 1年前

    Me sitting here like 1 am. Just listening to this without my parents knowing😂😂😴

  • Holly darleen
    Holly darleen 1年前

    I’ve never wanted to be friends with someone as much in my life😢❤️