ASMR Shoe Collection “The Sequel" 下載

  • 2019年8月22日

  • Showing y'all a couple more shoes in my little collection. If you're interested in buying the NMDs in the thumbnail, they are size 10.5, just shoot me a message on instagram (link at bottom). BECOME A PATRON (EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS) - ASMR Area 51 - ASMR Time Travel If you've been rocking with me for a while, come join the patreon community and enjoy the patreon exclusive videos! CHECK OUT SUFFICIENT APPAREL FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM For business inquiries only:


  • Justin I
    Justin I 1年前

    Missed opportunity to call it “the sneakuel”

  • Uno Martino
    Uno Martino 1年前

    I dont understand how you can keep shoes so clean, within a week my nikes can speak 7 different languages fluently

  • GhettoASMR
    GhettoASMR 1年前

    Dope selection my dude!! On point!

  • Tim Bernal
    Tim Bernal 1年前

    Not even close to bedtime but i never complain when the universe says its time to rest

  • William Crozier
    William Crozier 1年前

    NMD: red blue and black

  • Brenden Thomas
    Brenden Thomas 1年前

    Is it just me or is his intro the best in the ASMR community?

  • flognarimbus
    flognarimbus 1年前

    I like that you don’t try to push the video being Asmr , it’s kinda just soft whispering. If that makes since. You don’t tap on everything that’s not alive and that kind of style doesn’t remind me that I’m watching asmr. Keep goin my man

  • Mr. Tattoo ASMR
    Mr. Tattoo ASMR 1年前

    Happy you decided to do another one of these videos.

  • Jeffrey Ricklin
    Jeffrey Ricklin 1年前

    New balance huh? Kawhi would be proud

  • atx hec
    atx hec 1年前

    when dat collab with prince asmr¿

  • Bearded Whisperer ASMR

    Your shirt against that background is visually fantastic!

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor 1年前

    These penny board story’s need to be told 🤣

  • Jack ASMR
    Jack ASMR 1年前

    2 days in a row?! Feels great

  • Shookira sw
    Shookira sw 1年前

    not even going to lie.....

  • bloodbase
    bloodbase 1年前


    BRADY WRIGHT 8 个月前


  • V1_FaDe YT
    V1_FaDe YT 11 个月前


  • Inês Cadete
    Inês Cadete 1年前

    His intro sounded like "Shoe, shoe"

  • Bugout Bushcraft

    Just a bit of advice, don’t name it the sequel, that will limit its potential I feel. Sequels are never as good as the first. That’s not true In this case obviously but changing the name would eliminate the chance of a potential viewer thinking that way.

  • bob gerald
    bob gerald 1年前

    very excited to report that on mobile the loading circle lines up perfectly with the top of the yeti