ASMR Summer Road Trip 下載

  • 2019年8月19日

  • Songs: 00:00 They Can Fill an Ocean (Instrumental) by Amarante 01:22 Oh! Frenchy by Mosie 03:55 Fight the Vegans by Willis 05:37 New Tide by Mo Lowda & the Humble 07:56 Burning by The Whitest Boy Alive 9:50 Wait for It by The Solarists 12:10 Sea Birds by Pizza Girl 12:46 Charlemagne by Blossoms 13:33 Candy by Kate Bollinger


  • Emily Quinn
    Emily Quinn 1年前

    okay but like...the cinematography of this is amazing??? like fully these could be stock clips

  • Valentina Lavieri

    was looking to watch something on netflix but decided this is better quality content

  • Crystogon
    Crystogon 1年前

    The atmosphere and music in these videos are so beautifully well done. I look forward to these every time you post them!

  • Maximus X infinity

    I don’t have anything creative to say so I’m just commenting to help with the algorithm.

  • Kylie Rose
    Kylie Rose 1年前

    these videos always make me nostalgic for experiences i’ve never even had...

  • ASMRplanet
    ASMRplanet 1年前

    This is a freaking piece of art! I’m in love 😍

  • Kathryn Meyer
    Kathryn Meyer 1年前(修改过)

    My thought for a video.

  • Sophia ;p
    Sophia ;p 1年前


  • chloe moriondo
    chloe moriondo 1年前


  • LazyKumquat
    LazyKumquat 1年前

    Car Washes: Good for the car, and also for the soul. - Erin (2019)

  • Bearded Whisperer ASMR

    Half a million subs! It’s coming 🔥🔥

  • anaalst
    anaalst 1年前(修改过)

    I've never given compliments to an artist directly before, so perhaps this sounds odd in some way

  • styles to inspire

    I love these voiceover walkthrough videos! They are so relaxing and creative 😁

  • Anthony
    Anthony 1年前

    Man, even when on vacation, she still makes content for us. Now that’s dedication!

  • Courtney Ann
    Courtney Ann 1年前

    The shots inside the car during the car wash reminded me of a scene from my favorite book, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. Two characters go through a drive thru car wash to test a theory that all music sounds better in a car wash. Jus a random thing to comment to help the YouTube algorithm.

  • Ing-uhh
    Ing-uhh 1年前

    Thank you for making these type of videos. As someone with mental health issues, my brain tends to forget really great moments which are often also vacations I take and make the memories overall blurry. These videos just take me on a trip and make me feel good inside, like I don't have to worry about "forgetting", I can just re-watch it if I feel like it :) Keep doing what you do Erin! Lots of love!

  • Glenn Lewis
    Glenn Lewis 1年前

    When I was younger I would get such relaxing vibes from aquariums.

  • Mr. Tattoo ASMR
    Mr. Tattoo ASMR 1年前

    Every part of this is a different relaxing environment. Its amazing, thank you.

  • vanessa
    vanessa 1年前(修改过)

    this makes me feel sad and lonely on a whole different level i couldn’t even try to describe

  • Charlie Jenkins
    Charlie Jenkins 1年前

    Your travels videos are the highest quality content in all of the ASMR genre. I'm not surprised the like percentage is well over 99%.