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  • 2017年4月6日

  • Enjoy my favorite trigger of all time...tapping :D On some wooden blocks, the little pillow and of course the case that makes good sounds. Old video you may enjoy: Inaudible whispering Social Media: Twitter: @RaffyTaphyASMR Snapchat: @taffling


  • RaffyTaphyASMR
    RaffyTaphyASMR 1年前

    Who’s still watching

  • PierreG ASMR
    PierreG ASMR 1年前

    Tap tap tap. Hope you are doing well. When you tap on that little pillow, I feel like you had more than 10 fingers. I need to grow more fingers and make a tapping video :D Have a great day, week, month or year ^^

  • Sir_ravenbeast 911
    Sir_ravenbeast 911 1 个月前(修改过)

    September 2020: the case still makes good sounds

  • CG Yannick
    CG Yannick 3 个月前

    It‘s June 2020 and America is burning, but at least the case makes good sounds.

  • Gunnar_ Gunnar
    Gunnar_ Gunnar 3 个月前

    19 million people think the case makes good sounds

  • K Olliver
    K Olliver 3 个月前

    He's not wrong though, the case makes good sounds

  • dysj94
    dysj94 2 个月前

    그냥 이 영상 썸네일만 봐도 잠이 오는 거 같음

  • FBI
    FBI 3 个月前

    The world might be literally resetting but at least the case still makes good sounds

  • That Lionel Kid
    That Lionel Kid 1周前

    The world:

  • Clapz
    Clapz 2周前(修改过)

    September 2020: the case still makes good sounds

  • Gibi ASMR
    Gibi ASMR 2年前

    10 mil views BRUH

  • 美羽_
    美羽_ 1 个月前


  • Psychotic _Karlin
    Psychotic _Karlin 2 个月前

    Me: this kinda sounds like fa...

  • NeCkE
    NeCkE 3 个月前

    hand sounds

  • nole suisui
    nole suisui 1 个月前

    This is still the best tapping asmr I've stumbled on and it barely have ads. Legend.

  • Lily Whispers ASMR

    Easily one of my favorite tapping videos on YouTube

  • - SushiKing123 -
    - SushiKing123 - 3 个月前

    Riots in the USA, but the case still makes good sounds!

  • Akuma Life
    Akuma Life 2 个月前

    Can’t believe i’m the only one to notice this but that black Cd holder you tapped on makes very pleasing sounds.

  • Everett Foard
    Everett Foard 3 个月前(修改过)

    Everybody chill until the case doesn’t make good sounds

  • 박상현
    박상현 3周前

    아직도 보는 사람 있겠어.. 이제 여기서의 한국인은 나밖에 없을거야..