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  • 2019年7月7日

  • ASMR TAPPING No Talking. Fast tapping, slow tapping, and visual asmr triggers will get you tingles and help you relax. Asmr tapping is also suitable for study and sleep. Deep and pleasant sounds charm and hypnotize. ASMR tapping is one of the most popular triggers currently. Thanks for watching! Timestamps: 0:00 Preview 01:08 Cork tapping 08:50 Gray purse tapping 16:30 Hair oil bottle tapping 22:43 White kitchen mat tapping 29:07 Cardboard sheet tapping 35:25 Mermaid purse tapping 40:50 Candleholder tapping 46:20 Wood tapping 49:59 3DIO Wood tapping 53:00 Candle tapping 1:00:02 3DIO Ear tapping 1:08:42 3DIO Shiny Sheet tapping 1:12:30 Soft foam sheet tapping 1:16:04 Glowing light bulb tapping (thumbnail) 1:23:50 Metal box tapping Definition of ASMR: An initialism for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.” The purpose of ASMR is to relax people. ASMR videos are meant to give the viewer relaxing tingles at the back of their head and/or spine. #ASMR videos usually involve one or more of the things: relaxing hand movements (visual triggers), gentle #asmrTAPPING, #asmrnotalking, different tapping sounds, nail tapping and scratching, brushing sounds and etc. 🎧Spotify: 🎧YouTube Music: 🎧Apple Music: 🎧Deezer: 🎧Links to other streaming services and stores are here:


  • StacyAster
    StacyAster 1年前(修改过)

    Hello There! I'm glad to see you here. Thanks for watching! 😘

  • 9 9 9 4L
    9 9 9 4L 1年前(修改过)

    Nails remind me of the other mother from Coraline

  • Sien Jansen
    Sien Jansen 8 个月前(修改过)

    "What's your favorite trigger?"

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  • laundry sauce
    laundry sauce 1年前(修改过)

    Me at school: I dont like asmr its boring lololol

  • Bleach
    Bleach 1年前

    You ever just look at a comment and go-

  • Sea Rabbit
    Sea Rabbit 1年前(修改过)

    Nail artist: So why are you getting long nails today?

  • sadravenclaw
    sadravenclaw 10 个月前

    Roses are red

  • Sushi
    Sushi 11 个月前

    Me: omg I cant sleep

  • yo.pierre
    yo.pierre 1年前

    Some random timestamps:

  • Beef Burrito
    Beef Burrito 1年前

    Gotta have some powerful hand muscles after this one.

  • Khulaifi 9
    Khulaifi 9 1年前

    Is it just me or do all of you depend on ASMR to fall asleep? Honestly I cant fall asleep without ASMR

  • slytherin Arian
    slytherin Arian 2 个月前(修改过)

    Asmr artists: *taps for two hours straight *

  • Walter the dog
    Walter the dog 3 个月前

    Why is no one talking about the cork tapping

  • Astriiola
    Astriiola 4 个月前

    Omg imagine if she forgot to record 😩😩😫😫😖😣

  • Zenycho
    Zenycho 1年前

    What if she tapped her own nails?

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    ✨Random triggers✨

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