ASMR Teeth Tapping 下載

  • 2019年12月10日

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  • Leonardo Costa
    Leonardo Costa 9 个月前

    Never saw someone doing an asmr with thier teeth, but it was actually pretty good. Great idea.

  • Mr. Tattoo ASMR
    Mr. Tattoo ASMR 9 个月前

    Haven't seen you in a while. 😊

  • maria s
    maria s 9 个月前

    Short hair would suit you girl❤

  • Punct Random
    Punct Random 9 个月前

    Fă și unul în Română 😊

  • Gabe Childress
    Gabe Childress 9 个月前

    She’s so pretty and congrats on keeping your channel going

  • Martin Szukajlo
    Martin Szukajlo 9 个月前

    sentí que había algo raro y cuando me doy cuenta , estaba sin brackets 😱😍

  • DasSaac
    DasSaac 9 个月前

    she cute

  • takeaflxwer
    takeaflxwer 9 个月前

    Nunca pensé que alguien podía ser guapo haciendo tapping con sus dientes

  • DarwinHD
    DarwinHD 9 个月前


  • zurus-
    zurus- 9 个月前

    Its been a while but YOU'RE BACK NOW! Welcome back :)

  • Drew •
    Drew • 9 个月前

    glad to see that you're back 😊

  • Dream
    Dream 9 个月前

    The queen has again dropped an other video and its amazing

  • Chester Cedan
    Chester Cedan 9 个月前

    Oh when you mentioned the braces i didnt noticed it wasnt there anynmore lmao

  • Nefta! :v
    Nefta! :v 9 个月前

    No habrán videos en español?:(

  • polaris osv
    polaris osv 9 个月前

    everyone saw the difference of the background and braces, while i noticed her hair got longer

  • Emanuel Gamas
    Emanuel Gamas 9 个月前


  • Anthony
    Anthony 9 个月前

    Ya no tienes tus frenillos, es un gran cambio :o

  • msport
    msport 9 个月前

    i missed you

  • slapY
    slapY 9 个月前

    Ola candyyy xD cuidado cuando dices palabras con P uwu te amo Osi

  • Darth Weenie
    Darth Weenie 9 个月前

    Can you do teeth chattering 💗