ASMR Winter Travels 下載

  • 2018年2月10日

  • No Music Version: Songs: 00:00 Horticulture by Maxx Marshall 03:20 Sunsetz by Cigarettes After Sex 08:05 Preservation by Nadia Reid 12:15 Truly Do by the Fleetwoods 13:20 Honey by Dana Williams 17:55 Idle Town by Conan Gray 20:00 Lavender Blood by Fox Academy 25:20 Mr. Sandman by the Chordettes 27:48 I Know a Place by Conan Gray 32:05 Wolves by Phosphorescent 36:50 White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes 37:45 Le Temps de lamour (Cave Story cover) 41:10 Aging Out of the 20th Century by Trash Panda


  • eric pagliano
    eric pagliano 2年前(修改过)

    You remind me of vin diesel

  • Gibi ASMR
    Gibi ASMR 2年前

    I feel like this transcends just giving people ASMR triggers and just envelopes them into the most lovely, warm, comforting experiences. I had such a wonderful time watching this. :)

  • Daria Taylor
    Daria Taylor 2年前

    I want to live inside of this video

  • Gian ASMR
    Gian ASMR 2年前

    You should receive an oscar for this

  • Moonberry Fairyhead

    Okay, so can I talk for a second about how aside from being an intuitive and talented ASMRtist, you are an INCREDIBLE cinematographer, sound designer and film scorer?? And how these skills make you a truly out-standing ASMRtist, as in I have not seen content like this before in the genre?

  • avocadoisdelicious

    shes done it again the absolute madman

  • Gentle Whispering ASMR

    NO words, just happy vibes and being appreciative for your existence, Erin! ♥

  • Spray!
    Spray! 2年前

    The video feels like a memory, nicely done

  • Gruff
    Gruff 2年前

    i started crying watching this and i dont even know why. i thought about my girlfriend and i going on a trip like this and just enjoying each other and seeing the beauty in life ugh dear god im in love.

  • Hi. Sanai
    Hi. Sanai 2年前

    My mom never lets me outside, I’ve never seen my own block. It’s annoying, being 15 and never knowing what the world looks like. But, your videos have given me a sense of adventure and beauty. My cravings for the world has only been increased, and in the most lovely way. Thankyou, Erin!💖

  • Matt T
    Matt T 2年前

    This was so beautifully edited. I can tell you put a lot of love and sweat into this, definitely noticed it. Well done.

  • Ana Milosevic
    Ana Milosevic 2年前(修改过)

    This is one of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen. Makes me feel nostalgic for the places that I've never been to

  • noodlie aloon
    noodlie aloon 2年前

    You know, it's funny. I never "tingle" from your videos or really sleep to them but instead I experience a different kind of asmr. I am immediately filled with a sunshine warmth the second you talk and I simply cannot help but smile. Your videos are beautiful masterpieces of artful angles, whimsical stories and adventures, all laced together with your quirky and friendly demeanor that is completely contagious. Thank you for sharing your unique light with all of us, Erin :) 💕

  • Cerillion Blue
    Cerillion Blue 2年前

    ASMR royalty, Gentle Whispering, posted a video inspired by this one and she linked your channel in the description. Now that is the highest form of flattery.

  • eddie1236
    eddie1236 2年前(修改过)

    You make the world look so....cozy

  • Christine Smith
    Christine Smith 2年前

    I don’t comment much but this is by far, the best ASMR vlog ever. Since you’ve posted it both my daughter and I love to listen to it to go to sleep. The small visual touches and artistic shots don’t go unnoticed. You have a gift. Excellently done.

  • Amanda Bradshaw
    Amanda Bradshaw 2年前

    I felt loved. I felt like I was with new friends showing me Oregon and new things and new people. This was an experience not just a video. And the cats purr ohhhhh. This is art.

  • BlackSpace
    BlackSpace 3周前

    I've realized that when I watch I can easily classify asmr into different categories.

  • Jessica Watts
    Jessica Watts 1年前

    Sure this is ASMR but it’s also beautiful storytelling that emphasizes the nuance and beauty of the tiny details that surround us all day, every day. Something about these videos reminds me to slow down and look out for all the forms of relaxation and joy I’m missing out on - truly meditative. Thank you!

  • Cerillion Blue
    Cerillion Blue 7 个月前

    I want to compliment you. You are obviously stellar at roleplays and backgrounds, but your vlog style videos are freaking awesome. Your cinematic style and choice and use of background sounds and music is second to none. You will go as far as you choose to pursue. I feel lucky to be a small part of your journey, for it is unquestionable you desire to be much more than just a youtube contributor.