BAD NEWS | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E2 下載

  • 首播开始于 2019年11月12日

  • The Martin Garrix Show Season 4 Episode 2 - THE HOSPITAL ♫ Drown is out now: I received bad news from my doctor and needed to make a tough decision... Turn on subtitles 💬 Subscribe to my channel: and turn on notification so you never miss one of my videos! 🔔 Follow Martin Garrix: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Follow STMPD RCRDS YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Spotify: 🎶 Martin Garrix Top Music Videos: Used To Love: Summer Days: High On Life: Ocean: Scared To Be Lonely: In The Name Of Love: There For You: So Far Away: Animals: #TMGS #S4 #Hospital #MartinGarrix #STMPDRCRDS


  • Martin Garrix
    Martin Garrix 10 个月前

    I received bad news from my doctor and needed to make a tough decision...

  • Awesome SkyscraperProject
    Awesome SkyscraperProject 10 个月前(修改过)

    The Martin Garrix Show is much better than all Netflix series ✌️

  • DJ NikZz
    DJ NikZz 10 个月前

    Your health is more important than the shows.

  • Ralitsa Kantardzhieva
    Ralitsa Kantardzhieva 10 个月前

    Martin's mother: Don't do it, Martin. Don't do it.

  • Leo Holmgren
    Leo Holmgren 10 个月前

    Huge diffrence between martins and aviciis team. It´s great to see that he has a team that put his health first, if only Tim had that aswell...

  • Buffy
    Buffy 10 个月前

    he's so damn humble,passionate and professional. role model forever.

  • Agente Jolteon FBI
    Agente Jolteon FBI 10 个月前

    The best Dj in the World!!! The number #1 in the world

  • Derek Newyen
    Derek Newyen 10 个月前

    Even when he's injured, he still wants to do shows for everyone. That just shows his dedication, and he even wants his production laptop in bed.

  • Nolan
    Nolan 10 个月前

    martin is everything and more , he is the best

  • iram
    iram 10 个月前

    the way marty giggled like a 5 year old was about to get ice cream when louis did the magic trick was so pure 🥺

  • Incle Babies
    Incle Babies 10 个月前

    I want to have a friend like Louis

  • Minka
    Minka 10 个月前

    When you realized it was Martin singing😍beautiful

  • Wendy Hall
    Wendy Hall 10 个月前

    I can’t believe I had never heard Martin sing before!?! His voice is amazing!

  • 10M subs without videos

    I love the part where Martin sings!

  • Sᴀʀᴀ Lᴇᴄʟᴇʀᴄ

    este hombre siempre se mantiene tan fuerte con el carisma y la energía que lo caracteriza, como no amarlo!!

  • GT_Santiago YT
    GT_Santiago YT 10 个月前


  • Mathijs
    Mathijs 4 个月前

    Martin: I have to cancel my festivals😭

  • Tamoghno Bhattacharya
    Tamoghno Bhattacharya 10 个月前

    Really great, being able to see "Used To Love" come to life under such adverse circumstances for Martin.

  • Anurag R
    Anurag R 10 个月前

    The positivity Martin has is just insane

  • Sol Agusti
    Sol Agusti 10 个月前

    this reminds me to avicii story