• 2020年5月12日

  • Am so happy because baekhyun never disappoints ☺️ I love the direction he took this song, this old school but cool rnb vibe .. For more videos like this , do subscribe... For sponsorship and collaboration


  • Didxdrama
    Didxdrama 4 个月前

    UN village is a place where Rich people live like k-pop idols, actors, CEO’s, politicians and more it’s in Hannam dong Seoul ^-^

  • Jasmin M
    Jasmin M 4 个月前

    Baek also did some OST’s from new dramas like Hyena, (On the Road ), Romantic Dr. 2 (My Love) of.course “For you “from Scarlet. Heart Ryeo with Chen 8 Xiumin , “Beautiful “from Exo Next Door Webtoon Drama. He did collaboration hits with popular kpop idols like Bae Suzy ( Lee Min Ho’s ex- girlfriend) many others..👍👍👍 This guy is amazingly talented😍You’ll love him more🥰

  • Aeriina95 Yeolmae
    Aeriina95 Yeolmae 4 个月前

    Actually he did some moves/choreography when he perform UN Village in live stages.. And he made the iconic "rolling rolling moves" 😁 you should check this live stage one

  • Peace ify
    Peace ify 4 个月前

    Sorry guys, I had to delete the video and reupload due to some copyright issues 😩😅

  • LCBC
    LCBC 4 个月前(修改过)

    All his album is good. Listen City Lights, my favorite album from last year. And he will do his comeback this month, with a album called Delight.

  • Zelle
    Zelle 4 个月前

    Let’s anticipate Baekhyun’s second solo album on may 25 together!! 😌😌

  • Mia Lenne
    Mia Lenne 4 个月前

    Thank you for this reaction. I wish you didn't pause so much though.

  • Yuniar Hestiningtyas
    Yuniar Hestiningtyas 4 个月前

    Love your reaction on baekhyun works, You may call City Lights genre is R&B. "UN Village" is one of my favorite from his first mini album "City Lights", the second one is "Betcha", you should check that one too. Baek is going to released his second mini album in title "Delight" on may 25th, have you noticed? This comeback album should be great also...can't hardly wait on that 😁

  • Awele Esther
    Awele Esther 4 个月前

    I can see the ads❤️❤️

  • Ihssan Essougmi
    Ihssan Essougmi 4 个月前

    Baekhyun will comeback in 25 May 😍

  • Star Carumba
    Star Carumba 4 个月前

    PLEASE REACT TO EXO'S INDIVIDUAL GUIDES💓 before reacting to the MV'S💓

  • Chunii M
    Chunii M 4 个月前

    You should watch baekhyun's unvillage live performance..and also Baekhyun will comeback in May 25 for his 2nd Album 'Delight'

  • karin midori
    karin midori 3 个月前


  • lary EXO-L
    lary EXO-L 4 个月前

    EXO best vocls of K-pop EXO-L marooco

  • junny
    junny 4 个月前

    baekhyun’s solo comeback is tommorow!