BLACKPINK - DDU-DU DDU-DU (2019 COACHELLA Live Performance) 🔥 下載

  • 2020å¹´5月13日

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  • Ahjusshi _Brown
    Ahjusshi _Brown 1 个月前

    Kristen is a whole ass blink, no one can convince me otherwise 😂😂

  • Basar Dedeoglu
    Basar Dedeoglu 1 个月前

    Jennie's stage presence is no joke

  • Chyna Evonne
    Chyna Evonne 1 个月前

    Jennie had energy cuz at that time bp actually had new songs and YG finally let them out of the dungeon to perform on a big stage 💯

    BLINK HERE HYLT 1 个月前(修改过)

    Jennie’s rap was a big BOMB!! 💣

  • Gleeker
    Gleeker 1 个月前

    When Kristen gets hype over blackpink I get sooo hype and freak out too 😂

  • Jaynee Isles Castillones
    Jaynee Isles Castillones 1 个月前

    Q: Are they the first K-Pop Group to ever perform at Coachella?

  • Lyle Janice
    Lyle Janice 1 个月前

    JENNIE the Main Rapper for a reason! 👑 and the only member who Trended Worldwide in Twitter at #4 and in the US at #4! 👏👏🔥

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman 1 个月前

    Jennie sings so loud for those who say they can't sing, can't rap,or sing in lipsync and those who create fake mr removed on Youtube ... for everyone, so they can hear well!

  • bessy hernandez
    bessy hernandez 1 个月前

    Jennie energy in coachella was a bomb!!!....quenn she killed it...

  • Alejandra Bel Gutierrez
    Alejandra Bel Gutierrez 1 个月前

    Yes COACHELLA was JENNIE'S house she was on fire

  • Queen Jennie
    Queen Jennie 1 个月前

    Jennie in Coachella is the Jennie that haters hate to see everyday. Jennie trended in 14 countries and worldwide because of her amazing performance in coachella. And Blackpink is one of the kpop groups who has the most viewed for live performances. Girl power. 🔥

  • Taehyungs lost bag
    Taehyungs lost bag 1 个月前

    Jennie had the best stage presence, and you cant tell me otherwise.

  • VR_1306
    VR_1306 1 个月前

    That’s main rapper Jennie! Hopefully they give her more rap lines in their new album. 💗

  • Zara Cañete
    Zara Cañete 1 个月前(修改过)

    The performances in order:

  • Ruby Huynh
    Ruby Huynh 1 个月前

    Yes, they are the first K-pop group to perform at Coachella.

  • Jen Pink
    Jen Pink 1 个月前

    Jennie's raps are my favorite. Like everytime i hear her rap, i get goose bumps😍🔥 i will never get over this

  • Abdalla Dalla
    Abdalla Dalla 1 个月前

    When Jennie started rapping and y’all freaked out had me ded😂💀 also can you guys react to Fear by Seventeen? There visuals are always on point.

  • Everything
    Everything 1 个月前

    YOOO JENNIE MY BIAS WASN’T PLAYIN SHE CAME OUT TO KILL IT, lol as per usual I love ya’ll reactions!!

  • Genesis Bourbon
    Genesis Bourbon 1 个月前


  • John Les
    John Les 1 个月前

    She said you’re talking too much you need be listening to this😂😂don’t interrupt the frequencies sir😭😭