• 2020年5月15日

  • #BLACKPINK #TWICE #BLACKPINKvsTWICE Are you Ready for an EPIC BATTLE?! Thanks for watching ! We finally reached 6000+ subscribers thanks to you all , so I had to spice it up and cut my hair HaHa. Reaction starts at 6:45 Got a Song In Mind? Don't Hesitate To Put It In The Comments Below. If You Like These Type of Videos And Want More Show some LOVE :) You Can Do That By Smashing the SUBSCRIBE Button, LIKING The Video and SHARING It... Only If You Enjoyed Watching This Video! It Actually Helps Allot And Motivates Me To Upload More :) Follow Me On All Social Medias & Let Me Know You Came From YouTube! Social Media: Insta: iialameri Snap: iialameri


  • Luiza B
    Luiza B 4 个月前

    y'all got it all wrong also this all situtation is just gonna start fanwars. you all apparently don't know them that well. twice and blackpink are really good friends and twice was just trying to support blackpink in that video. btw saying that blackpink is more talented than twice is just wrong. both groups are talented but you have to know that twice is one of the most hardworking groups out there, they write most of their songs and one member also produced song on her own. they made their own choreo in some videos, they also have unique fresh sounding voices plus have amazing personalities. the fact that y'all quickly judged twice based on this video is sad. i get it you have opinions but don't come attacking twice when y'all don't even know them.

  • Aj Unger
    Aj Unger 4 个月前

    Twice weren’t trying to bash Blackpink with them singing with the piano, they were having fun. Twice and Blackpink are actually friends in real life you should react to there moments together instead of them against each other which is already a problem since you just basically saying one is better even if you don’t mean it, it’s still saying one is better it would be much better to not talk about them against each other it just start more fan war than it already is. Just a opinion

  • Beenu Thapa
    Beenu Thapa 4 个月前

    I think you all misunderstood twice were not bashing them they are friends and support eachother

  • ThemotherofeaglesKimDahyun
    ThemotherofeaglesKimDahyun 4 个月前(修改过)

    So...TWICE can't have fun? Blackpink and TWICE are literally friends, TWICE are the most nicest idols ever, also TWICE were on vlive while blackpink were on a show ofc blackpink would do their best TWICE were having fun bc they were talking with once they are humans too, humans can have fun right? So why can't TWICE have fun? What are they robots? This has actually brought me to tears knowing how hardworking TWICE are! You know what I was starting to like this channel until this came out!!! This broke my heart watch TWICE golden heart and their youtube documentary seize the lights this will tell you how hardworking they are!!! Dahyun nearly passed out yet went on with the show, Momo was disappointed with herself because she kept on slipping on stage, Momo also starved herself for 7 days eating nothing, Jeongyeon's grandma wanted to see Jeongyeon on stage but sadly passed away before she could see her on stage, this isn't even a quarter of what they went through yet you judge them on this

  • DrawingMyLife 18
    DrawingMyLife 18 4 个月前

    i'm not the kind of people who get upset by this kind of things but being a twice fan since pre-debut and seing how people actually try to put them one against each other it's upsetting. i usually watch your channel (some video only) but this video was just the end. If you don't know properly a group bashing them as you did were kind disrepectful. Please just stop reacting to Twice at the end we don't need this kind of mentality

  • N Anand
    N Anand 4 个月前

    You people don't do any research and saying that twice were bashing bp is totally wrong don't react to these kinds of videos without any research and common sense

  • Can't Park Jihyo She's a Train

    Lol ya'll don't know TWICE. They're regarded as the most humble and genuine idols ever by and large, from staff. choreographers, directors, and other idols themselves who regularly see these idols. Black Pink, Red Velvet, Gfriend, Itzy, etc.. are all nice gals as well, but TWICE go above and beyond in general when it comes to humility. Let this be a basis on how bad you guys are at judging character and grow from it ^^

  • TN Gaming
    TN Gaming 4 个月前

    Before first know about the twice more then you can judge them you guys dont know about twice then how can you judge them

  • yassmine A
    yassmine A 4 个月前

    I don't like how you treat twice you don't know their real relatioships you just judge them like that

  • Nathalia Tarso
    Nathalia Tarso 4 个月前

    React- Blackpink and Twice friendship

  • Once Army BangTwice
    Once Army BangTwice 4 个月前

    Yell twice is the most hardworking girl group and maybe more talented and BLACKPINK and they are trying to support each other, guys guys now nothing about twice and this Channel who did this video is a blink and she picks all the good videos of Blackpink and twice not.

  • Baljit Kaur
    Baljit Kaur 4 个月前(修改过)

    She made more of an effort because she was on a show and twice were just messing around having fun 🤣

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 4 个月前

    There's enough fan wars in KPOP we don't need more lol blackpink and Twice are probably the closet friends in KPOP they all know each other from trainee days and become friends and then debut in different groups and companies

  • jerome munoz
    jerome munoz 4 个月前


  • · *ʟᴜɴᴇᴢ* ·
    · *ʟᴜɴᴇᴢ* · 4 个月前

    This is why yall shouldnt react to versus 😂 because Lisa’s dancing to a Twice song because the tv show she was on

  • ani la
    ani la 4 个月前

    React to a beginner's guide to TWICE by channel GAYPOP it's the best

  • siti delima
    siti delima 4 个月前

    Please reaction a beginner's guide to Twice by gaypop

    D.C MUSIC 4 个月前

    Who made this video is obviously a toxic blink who wants fan wars.

  • Madarao Kekaishi
    Madarao Kekaishi 4 个月前

    twice plays real archery in isac

  • Nicole Eleve
    Nicole Eleve 4 个月前

    I’m a twicepink stan 🥺