• 2020年5月16日

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  • tran linh
    tran linh 4 个月前

    U really should react to "Jungkook being a mess on vlive" it's so hilarious

  • masked soul
    masked soul 4 个月前(修改过)

    Squishy Min Yoongi knows their smiles aren’t a habit she just wants to show them off 😂

  • 아이스
    아이스 4 个月前

    Jungkook calling Jimin "Jimin shi" can more or less be translated to "Mr. Jimin" as it's more formal and are used to someone you don't really have a close personal relationship ship with. Which is why Jimin laughs, because they're obviously close friends and normally call each other with more "intimate" titles. So it's just jungkook joking around, and now both bts and army often call Jimin like that 🤣

  • Juliet Gonzalez
    Juliet Gonzalez 4 个月前(修改过)

    It’s weird to know that “Squishy Min Yoongi” made this then stopped their channel bcs they stopped stanning BTS bcs they were too popular, too predictable, and won all the awards. They then switched to nct which there is nothing wrong with that, but what was the point in being rude. Just say you moved on and go from there, just shows they were never a true army to begin with, sad. They almost got to 1 million subs.

  • Ahrie J
    Ahrie J 4 个月前(修改过)

    These habit videos aren't really like literal habits, these are just things that they do all of the time but he/she is just pointing them out, like his smile, and the nose scrunches. So when watching these videos, dont take them too literal, because like you said, some of the things in here aren't like y'know, habits.

  • Dali Cordova
    Dali Cordova 4 个月前

    The person who made this puts little notes that says some of them aren’t habits so they probably know. And I don’t think that jungkook not liking to lose isn’t a habit, more of his personality

  • Cup of tae with a suga kookie

    When they get to Hoseok habits yo I'm excited for that😂😂

  • MissYellowCat
    MissYellowCat 4 个月前(修改过)

    Jungkook also picks up habits from other memebrs. He picked up the sucking in air thing from suga. And taehyung suga and jungkook all zone out but jungkook and suga tend to zone out with their mouth open. There is a very cute habit video of jungkook called Jungkook's cute habits although its kind of short.

  • Niyah G
    Niyah G 4 个月前(修改过)

    I think that the reason they gave his smile as a habit is just bc army characterizes his smile as a “bunny smile” it’s iconic. Like yeah we all smile but I think she just included that in the video bc it’s unique to him. As for the stutter, please remember that not all habits have to be uncommon. These videos are basically Jungkook’s repetitive behavior that army notices often.

  • Bree A
    Bree A 4 个月前

    i heard Squishy Min Yoongi isn’t even army anymore. Apparently, she unstanned because they “got too famous” and now she’s a nctizen

  • kia is art
    kia is art 4 个月前

    "natural stuff" also know as unconscious habits lmao and the smile pls is just a excuse to have a compilation of them smiling

  • Ryanna Joy
    Ryanna Joy 4 个月前(修改过)

    Please react to bts:

  • Curtis Pleasant
    Curtis Pleasant 4 个月前

    Plz react to "everyone is gansta until park jimin shos up"

  • DanishaPresents
    DanishaPresents 4 个月前(修改过)

    Omg... I've been waiting for this... you guys should react to " dont put bts and txt in the same room" and "jungkook cute moments" pleaseeeeee!

  • Anthonyjid
    Anthonyjid 4 个月前

    It's funny to them that Jungkook call Jimin "Jimin-ssi" because is like he's calling him Mister Jimin xd

  • Bangtan Kookie
    Bangtan Kookie 4 个月前

    Jimin ssi literally translate to Mr Jimin. He’s just joking around when he calls Jimin so formally 😂 so it’s funny to the members and Jimin himself

  • saria .A
    saria .A 4 个月前

    You must react to bts jungkook evil maknae vs poor hyung 😂😂

  • Tricia Mae Bautista
    Tricia Mae Bautista 4 个月前

    Today is my birthday and I'm happy to start my day watching Jungkook's cuteness overload ❤️

  • Jungkook_ 21
    Jungkook_ 21 4 个月前(修改过)


  • gloris legends
    gloris legends 4 个月前(修改过)

    React to "why bts is so successful" and "BTS Christmas medley performance:🙏🙏