BTS Jungkook's (The Golden Maknae) Amazing Vocals REACTION 下載

  • 2020年5月6日

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  • Adriana Serrato
    Adriana Serrato 4 个月前

    If I could sing as well as JK, i would never shut up

  • Moni Nicole
    Moni Nicole 4 个月前(修改过)

    JK is “the main vocalist for a reason” and a “prodigy”. Yes! Facts. 😊 He has the voice of an angel! 💜💜💜

  • Gucci Hope
    Gucci Hope 4 个月前

    Im so happy people are really starting to acknowledge Jungkooks vocals after the most recent comeback.

  • jamais vu
    jamais vu 4 个月前(修改过)

    see this is why it's impossible to have a favourite member in bts...the more you come to know about each member, the more you love them. you should watch vocal videos for all the vocal line have already watched jin's and jk' should watch one for tae and jimin

  • Still With You
    Still With You 4 个月前

    Jungkook’s vocal is always filled with emotions, even if he only sings for fun or plays around. That’s why he’s my ultimate favorite singer.

  • 베리문 77 sim
    베리문 77 sim 4 个月前

    I like Jungkook's diverse vocal tone especially sweet n emotional vibe

  • Claire Reyes
    Claire Reyes 4 个月前

    You got that right. The main vocalist. The stability even when he dances.

  • Chahinez Harcheche
    Chahinez Harcheche 4 个月前

    Yessss jungkook is the main vacalist for a reason

  • 방탄소년단foreverArmy

    This is why RM is so proud of him. His hyungs too.

  • green field pj
    green field pj 4 个月前

    jungkook is so amazing singer

  • Executioner 123
    Executioner 123 4 个月前

    JungKook vocal king 👑❤️💜

  • Laura Guzmán
    Laura Guzmán 4 个月前

    DT pls check out "Jungkook doesn't know autotune" has so much better clips of jk's vocals 3

  • Isa Correa
    Isa Correa 4 个月前

    Exactly! Jungkook is the main vocalist for a reason!! He is the best singer💖💖

  • Syeda Arfa
    Syeda Arfa 4 个月前

    "He is the main vocalist for a reason"

  • Isha
    Isha 4 个月前

    Jungkook and Jin are personally my favourite vocalist , they are super stable during live performances. Also that truth untold harmony that they both did was pure eargasm 😍

  • Rahmi Safitri
    Rahmi Safitri 4 个月前

    Jungkook voice angel😭🔥💜

  • Mochi Sexy
    Mochi Sexy 4 个月前

    Please also react to BTS JIMIN BEST LIVE VOCAL COMPILATION by ChimChimOfBTS

  • Jimin is my Serendipity

    hello DT, please react next to BTS Jimin Best live vocals compilations by ChimchimOfBTS . Thank you love your reactions 😊

  • Tracy Dalton
    Tracy Dalton 4 个月前

    DT, we forgive you about not knowing BTS characters. They even have a animated storyline with those characters. They’re very cute 💜

  • Selvi B
    Selvi B 4 个月前

    Hai sir. i am from India 🙏