• 2020年5月7日

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  • Gigi Guzman
    Gigi Guzman 4 个月前

    I think every girl who is army would love to have Jimin as there boyfriend🤣

  • mai kim
    mai kim 4 个月前

    tip: only turn on captions if there’s an option for “english”. if it says “english(auto-generated)” DON’T click it, it will just start saying random words! most squishyminyoongi videos and fan videos like these don’t need captions because they either don’t need them like this video or the video uploader themselves edit the translations on the video!

  • Reth Juwen
    Reth Juwen 4 个月前

    Do all the member''s habit pls. 😂..

    I CHOCO YOU 4 个月前

    it's not in the video but Jimin licks his lips when he gets emotional and touches the tip of his nose everytime he is about to cry ! And I think that's the cutest thing ever T-T

  • Iced Americano
    Iced Americano 4 个月前

    Jimin is just so touchy and everyone knows it and the members are just let Jimin doing everything he wants 😂💜

  • chaeglw
    chaeglw 4 个月前

    YESS! do jin’s habits because it’s so funny with his eyes and laugh

  • Alex Yeezus
    Alex Yeezus 4 个月前

    Lmao he's the reincarnation of a puppy

  • Remi
    Remi 4 个月前

    Thank you for feeding us I'm so bored and depressed and your content makes me so very happy :)

  • Leah Camino
    Leah Camino 4 个月前

    Jimin is so adorable. He's an angel. In personality😊❤

  • Taesia Hamilton
    Taesia Hamilton 4 个月前

    YES!!! Thank you for this reaction and I hope you’ll do the others as well. My country is still on lockdown for now... I’m happy your country is getting better

  • Vitor
    Vitor 4 个月前

    can you react ot jimin being clumsy? please its supper funny

  • Chris HeavenlyOnesBTS
    Chris HeavenlyOnesBTS 4 个月前

    Jimin's habits are just the cutest. And yes, he is very clumsy at times, lol I know, with as graceful as he dances, you would never think he'd be clumsy but he falls and trips or stumbles. I believe their a video of him being clumsy, you should check it out!

  • Lina
    Lina 4 个月前

    It's funny how in these kind of vids I discover the kinds of habits I have. I be like ohh I doo thatt tooo!!

  • 치명적망개소중해

    hi guys~

  • sumo_slammo Kim
    sumo_slammo Kim 4 个月前

    Can u guys plz react to Suga and Jin acting like an old married couple

  • Yareli Martinez
    Yareli Martinez 4 个月前

    Omg can you please add “BTS House of Army” to your list to react to please thank you✨

  • Nikki
    Nikki 4 个月前

    Please react to Jennie Kim the baddest b- in kpop by blackpink tv and Jennie’s rap compilation (2012-2018) by starxy production

  • TigerInASuit Aka Tyler

    Am I the only person who gets an INTENSE urge to touch their hair or lick their lips whenever Jimin does it? My hair just starts feeling itchy and I have to do it, I have no self control. I don't know why I lick my lips as well.I guess I have a few things in common with my Bias, my Ultimate crush Jimin.

  • Iiab Aa
    Iiab Aa 4 个月前

    How did you know that I need reaction from you now😭😭😭😭 I had a bad day but I’m happy now, love you and keep reacting to jimin😍

  • i unnie
    i unnie 4 个月前

    k&r please react to "JIMIN BEING BABY MOCHI"✨