Bts putting disrespectful people in their place 下載

  • 2020年5月9日

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  • bts paved the way
    bts paved the way 5 个月前

    Just want to clarify that the last few clips of Jimin and Jeongyeon from Twice is just an inside joke between both fandoms! They don’t actually hate each other and it’s nothing to be taken serious! We just made a joke out of it because it seems like they always want to break into a fight when they see other lmao but both groups are very supportive of one another 💜

  • Hi! Be happy
    Hi! Be happy 5 个月前(修改过)

    BTS have a lot of haters, but ARMYS love them 💜

  • Disrespected Jin
    Disrespected Jin 5 个月前

    That’s what you call a president. President Kim Namjoon.

  • masked soul
    masked soul 5 个月前

    What really pissed me off about the Jin clip was that they kept saying sorry and then had the nerve to do it again. Like tf? Y’all ain’t sorry

  • Th Ma
    Th Ma 5 个月前

    You should watch the "Karma is an Army" series of video

  • joon
    joon 5 个月前


  • Bapsae Bapsae
    Bapsae Bapsae 5 个月前(修改过)

    Jungkook wasn't ignoring those two girls cos they just didn't have an appointment. Its cos he was coming out of the toilets and there is a strict rule that idols shouldn't be interviewed then cos they need privacy.

  • Larissa Paulino
    Larissa Paulino 5 个月前

    Pleasee watch "dont let bts go on tour"

  • Yordi B
    Yordi B 5 个月前

    That smirk jungkook did” like what did u say”


    Please react to BTS 'Silver Spoon (baepsae)' dance practice and BTS WORLD heartbeat ost mv

  • Jasmine Pontela
    Jasmine Pontela 5 个月前(修改过)

    Please react to Jimin petty/sassy moments 💣

  • j
    j 5 个月前


  • Hilary Scott
    Hilary Scott 5 个月前

    The way they handle situations are so professional. Like they dont disrespect others when ppl are disrespecting them back.

  • Salute Bangtan
    Salute Bangtan 5 个月前(修改过)

    Sasaengs are crazy fans who invade the idol’s lives. You can react to BTS Sasaeng Archives. I would love to see your reaction to it.

  • Barbs A
    Barbs A 5 个月前

    Jeongyeon and Jimin relationship is one of the biggest mysteries of Kpop😂💜

  • Nanan Kim
    Nanan Kim 5 个月前

    I'm just gonna try once.. Can you pls react to V being himself or V is a real genius. Thank you

  • xnsiety_
    xnsiety_ 5 个月前

    Pls react to jeongyeon and jimin moments its so funny haha

  • olivia
    olivia 5 个月前

    can you react to more seventeen

  • Denisa Astefanei
    Denisa Astefanei 5 个月前

    Please React to “ WHEN BTS IS SO DONE WITH ARMY”

  • Hannah Ali
    Hannah Ali 5 个月前

    The Jeongyeon and Jimin “feud” is just a joke .... I think🤣no one knows why they behave like that around each other some people think they once dated in the past and it ended badly others speculated that they might be dating and another theory is that they’re probably really close friends who are just poking fun at each other🤷🏾‍♀️