• 2020年5月13日

  • LankyBox plays Roblox Growing Up to see if they can beat this insane Roblox Life Simulator called Growing Up! WATCH MORE HERE! NEW LANKYBOX MERCH! (FOXY Plushie!) ► Get Foxy in Roblox HERE! Get Boxy in Roblox HERE! FOLLOW US! INSTAGRAM ► FACEBOOK ► TWITTER ► TIKTOK ► LankyBox World! YOUTUBE ► INSTAGRAM ► TIKTOK ►


  • Leah Bushman
    Leah Bushman 5 个月前

    Me when they got dragons:

  • Suzanna Theofanis

    Justin: YEAST HUH

  • Mitch Powers
    Mitch Powers 3周前(修改过)

    They should’ve not had that chicken on the table

  • wan my333
    wan my333 1 个月前


  • Kat Elaog
    Kat Elaog 21 小时前

    I was 21 years old in there bc i played it when i was 4 but know im 6 (its in real life!)

  • Milky Eilish
    Milky Eilish 5 个月前

    Me: Watching old LankyBox vids

  • Victor Wong
    Victor Wong 2 个月前


  • lolthisisthepandDAB

    I play in A Ipad and I Need Too Go Too High School

  • Alexa abi
    Alexa abi 2周前

    The problem with it isn't for him and I don't I'm Goodreads it and the people🦄❤😷

  • marie lawrence
    marie lawrence 8 小时前

    Hey in the strangest here (I could walk before crawling)haha and it real

  • Itz_Risa _Boi
    Itz_Risa _Boi 4 个月前

    Adam and Justin: oh we’re 10 we’re double digits!

  • Tammy Bross
    Tammy Bross 3周前

    Me: watching a video

  • Jeanene Miliano
    Jeanene Miliano 1周前

    Uhh why does it end when Their laughing? I don’t get that.

  • Amy Glass
    Amy Glass 1 天前

    I got boxy on roblox before I started watching lankybox XD

  • Bree Yang
    Bree Yang 1周前(修改过)

    Adam: “I couldn’t even talk when o was 6..”

  • bitchyywaifu
    bitchyywaifu 5 个月前

    Thought of a skit

  • Chingngaih Valte
    Chingngaih Valte 4 天前

    “ me and foxy” eating thousand million donuts

  • Jacadi Taveras
    Jacadi Taveras 8 小时前

    This is so cute why is BoxyFoxy are so cute I wish I had done my mom won’t get them for me I wish I got free

  • Sherwin Sy
    Sherwin Sy 2周前

    By tge way lankybox im ur bigges fan i watch ur vids all day its so nice and funny hahaha😂

  • Adamdanial Adam
    Adamdanial Adam 1 个月前(修改过)

    U can actully play to the end(til u have babys/kids)