Cleaning/Fixing Woody Toy Story (ASMR) 下載

  • 2017年6月30日

  • At a future time, a toy repair man receives a Woody from Toy Story in the mail, and refurbishes the toy. He cleans, repairs, and inspects the toy for authenticity. Taken from Toy Story 2 where Woody's arm is repaired, in this role-play, we see that Woody has survived into the future and will be put on display for a new generation of children to enjoy. Part 2 can be seen here at: The Goggles I use in this video were bought with donated money by viewers like you. Thank you for your support, and if you'd like to donate for future props, I have a paypal link on my homepage. The Goggles were created by "PRO-STEAMPUNK on EBAY. You can check out his creations at: I bought two pair from him, and hopefully will get a couple more pairs in the future. Please tell him Tiraradeguello sent you. About ASMR (the tingly feeling/chills or satisfaction you feel while watching this): a claimed biological phenomenon, characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation often felt in the head, scalp or peripheral regions of the body in response to various visual, auditory, olfactory, and cognitive stimuli.


  • gay cheese
    gay cheese 1年前

    That scene in the movie was the first taste of ASMR when we were little XD

  • Ashton Cofer
    Ashton Cofer 2年前

    “You can’t rush ASMR”

  • Blue Berry
    Blue Berry 2年前


  • liam wake
    liam wake 2年前

    Remove the stuff from his goggles and you've got the engineer from tf2

  • xcord24
    xcord24 2年前

    A member of the reptilian species has taken unwanted resident in a article of clothing worn on the feet to protect the users feet from harm and hazardous materials

  • Kenny Havoc
    Kenny Havoc 2年前

    You can't rush art

  • hella Republican
    hella Republican 2年前(修改过)

    1968: in 2017 we will have flying cars

  • Comment King
    Comment King 2年前

    OOF, I was the 666,666th viewer, guess it’s time to pledge my allegiance.

  • Mr SlavaGiri
    Mr SlavaGiri 2年前

    Theirs a snake in my back.....

  • The Unslain Dragon

    This is the innocence of Youtube... Your content takes me to a place where I can forget about the problems in society and everyday life, and just relax. Thank you for that, Tirar.

  • Mochatton Live
    Mochatton Live 2年前

    Someone has added potentially lethal substance in our place of drinking

    ELJRO 2年前

    “There have been no modifications to my woody”

  • Alucard BloodyVampire

    That scene gave me weird sense of satisfaction when I was a kid

  • mvtthewvs
    mvtthewvs 9 个月前

    you can’t lie, this scene was the first asmr this whole generation experienced as a kid

  • Its ZEXITY
    Its ZEXITY 2年前

    Tirar: it’s 100 years old probably 1950s

  • Mythicality [{2-D}]

    Me: "time to sleep. lemme put on some asmr."

  • Te Oranga Pi Tipoki

    You look like Paul heyman from wwe

  • hoey joey
    hoey joey 3年前(修改过)

    a serpent has taken unwelcome residence in my footwear

  • Hello
    Hello 2年前

    I mustn’t put any OILS

  • Callum Price
    Callum Price 2年前