DIY Room Makeover 下載

  • 2019年5月1日

  • For $100 off select Casper mattresses, head over to and use promo code: metz now! Save that paper and put it towards your own #diyroommakeover 😍. Terms and conditions apply. I AM SO EXCITED! You all finally get to see where the majority of my builds have been going. A lot of you ask me where I get my inspiration from and it’s purely based off necessity. I hope you walk away inspired, empowered and a little less intimidated to upgrade your room where needed. Thank you Casper for the much needed inspiration to get a handle on this space! Stay rad xx. Builds I did within this room: Decor I bought: Headboard on Bluprint: Follow me outside this YouTube bubble… Instagram: Pinterest: Business inquiries: Music: “Dream a Little” by Dyalla Swain YouTube: Instagram: Soundcloud: This video is sponsored by Casper but all opinions are my own.


  • alitew8
    alitew8 1年前

    What is the paint color?

  • Momma From Scratch

    It’s nice to see your hair down! Great job as always!!

  • The DIY Mommy
    The DIY Mommy 1年前

    Gorgeous!! That desk area is amazing.

  • Elegance On A Budget

    Looks very comfy and cozy... love the simple decor done to the guest room makeover.

  • presleigh hart
    presleigh hart 1年前

    Her guest bedrooms nicer than my bedroom lol.

  • Skeleton
    Skeleton 1年前

    that dog with the balloon in it's mouth is the most adorable thing i've seen. i am going to go out and buy some balloons now to see if my dog will do it. 😂😂 knowing my dog. he will pop it on his first attempt and then get scared of going near another balloon again. 😂

  • Shannon Hudson
    Shannon Hudson 9 个月前

    Omg, "Cally and her Ballon..." so adorable!

  • Keeping Up with the Sniffens

    Small tip ....swiffer the walls to get the most dust off and then attach a damp lint free towel to wipe down the walls

  • Amanda Garcia
    Amanda Garcia 1年前

    these types of small diys are my favorite and so encouraging for my own diys!

  • Nishi
    Nishi 1年前

    Always happy when she posts :D these videos inspired me to redo my bedroom.

  • Romano Gitano
    Romano Gitano 1年前

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Brilliant plus tasteful remodeled guestroom. However, my favorite was when Kali got on the bed with her balloon.... Abrazos

  • Abeed Miah
    Abeed Miah 5 个月前

    Me after doing my room, looks like the before room

  • Lei Lei
    Lei Lei 1年前

    Can you show us how you made the decor above the bed?!! 😍

  • Dalia Colon
    Dalia Colon 7 个月前

    Girl you and I are the same in this paint situation, I've painted so much in my life that I actually hate it now. I paint my home inside every 2 years and I hate it.

  • Corinne Mussatti
    Corinne Mussatti 7 个月前

    Omg. When you hung the artwork above the head board I thought it was someone else! This is the first time I've seen you with your hair down and out of workout clothes! Wow!

  • Natalie Kwart
    Natalie Kwart 1年前

    Your second plant is a spider plant. Beautiful makeover.

  • Rosa Clarkson
    Rosa Clarkson 1年前

    when can we get a house tour??! i'm so curious!

  • Tati Rose
    Tati Rose 1年前

    Looks great! Loved it great accent wall color and love the plants

  • PondontheHill Homestead

    I learned that the paint brush matters! Buy the best quality one and dampen it before hand. PPG Paints will help you out.

  • Racquel Le'Andra

    I love how your creativity fuels mine. It's like you finish my sentences... But with design. I'm always so inspired by your projects.