[ENG SUB] Knowing Bros Ep.178 - IZ*ONE 下載

  • 2020年2月1日

  • [ENG SUB] Knowing Bros Ep.178 - IZ*ONE Men on a Mission ep 178 Ask Us Anything Ep 178 knowing brothers ep 178 #KnowingBros #KnowingBrothers #MenonaMission #AskUsAnything


  • Janine Reine Naviamos
    Janine Reine Naviamos 1 个月前

    No one:

  • Kimchi Fried Rice
    Kimchi Fried Rice 1 个月前

    I think everyone got this in their recommended two days ago

  • Parker Shu
    Parker Shu 1 个月前

    Summary of the episode:

  • Sight Field
    Sight Field 1 个月前

    Only an entertainer knows how potential Yena in entertainment industry

  • Run sa
    Run sa 1 个月前

    How many people want this girls come to knowing bros again?

  • le le
    le le 1 个月前

    wait why are all comments recent? everyone is watching this today 😂

  • Lean Robert Gonzaga
    Lean Robert Gonzaga 1 个月前(修改过)

    Yena has the most variety show material among the members

  • 秘神
    秘神 1 个月前

    When the senior comedians throwing jokes to you and you throw it back more funnier, it means they are comfortable with you on screen.

  • Ryuu Akira
    Ryuu Akira 1 个月前

    sang min really has good heart, he's really worried when hye won said she was in debt (only joke).

  • Sayah Dmlnta
    Sayah Dmlnta 1 个月前

    Who's bothered by the missing last letter of the subtitles? 😂

  • blackvelvet
    blackvelvet 4周前

    Aside from Yena pretending to act like her members being the funniest part of this show, the second one is Eunbi being savage on Sugeun and Janghoon, the third one Chaeyeon casually adding her order

  • cutiewoogi
    cutiewoogi 1 个月前(修改过)

    Yena mastered the Busan dialect since she's always stuck with Yuri😂😍

  • kpop jjang
    kpop jjang 1 个月前

    yuri looks pissed off after hearing yena’s “youre being ridiculous” to her 😂😂

  • James Rivera
    James Rivera 1 个月前

    Youngchul: Are you from Shibuya?

  • nabunny
    nabunny 1 个月前(修改过)

    when sakura dance, i can feel 'DUMB DUMB' vibe.. she's truly a luvie

  • Stan Red Velvet
    Stan Red Velvet 1 个月前


  • jace jace jace jace - 37 years ago

    I'll never get tired of this episode. Yena is just so funny also hyewon's prank LMAAAOOOO

  • flyfly55
    flyfly55 1 个月前

    A lot of good things about this episode. Yena with her variety skills, Hyewon's deception skills and Eunbi's savageness are to name a few. Special mention to Chaewon for looking flawless with her pink hair and adorable mess-ups.

  • Rawr :3
    Rawr :3 3周前

    Not a fan of izone but I wanted to watch this cz it was in my reccomended list

  • YanKenPon
    YanKenPon 1 个月前

    This episode was really funny, Normaly they guess the names faster, if they take almost 60 minutes in that section is because was really entertaining.