[ENG SUB] Knowing Bros Ep.20 - Shin So Yul 下載

  • 2020年2月12日

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  • TheLastBloom
    TheLastBloom 1 个月前

    Yes, Heechul... love conquers through age and nationality lol 😆

  • Vrilla Tanjung
    Vrilla Tanjung 1周前

    Heechul: hit me please

  • Jaspreet Kaur
    Jaspreet Kaur 2 个月前

    I felt so much relaxed after seeing that min kyung hoon escaped from the trap of kang ho dong

  • Rosenskie Tolentino
    Rosenskie Tolentino 1 个月前

    Heechul: love conquers over age and nationalities

  • I will be biased on Red Velvet

    Shin So Yul is way too cute.😍

  • Karolina
    Karolina 4 个月前


  • Arijit Roy
    Arijit Roy 1 个月前

    First episode of current seating arrangement

  • falling blossoms
    falling blossoms 20 小时前(修改过)


  • I will be biased on Red Velvet

    The kiss is a buff for Kyung Hoon. I can't imagine his face getting so red if he really get that kiss. Lol😂

  • Kawtar
    Kawtar 1周前

    I can see that So Yul is submissive and likes being dominated/humiliated by her partner

  • Seyyid Razeef
    Seyyid Razeef 1 个月前


  • hayah
    hayah 1 天前

    sugeun was really funny in this episode xD

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 4 个月前(修改过)


  • 커피
    커피 2 个月前


  • Kavya D
    Kavya D 3周前


  • I will be biased on Red Velvet

    Yeah finally, The guests in the next episode are the reason why Im a kpop fan. ❤

  • Justcallmebiraj AMV
    Justcallmebiraj AMV 3 个月前


  • arinta yunia
    arinta yunia 3 个月前

    Sang Min oppa 😂😂

  • kuna palmer
    kuna palmer 3周前

    서장훈 재는 경훈이가 뭐가 꼴등이란거야... 아니 경훈이만한 사람이 어딧다구.. 지는 어때서.. 저두 경훈이보다 잘난거 하나두 없구만... 경훈이 최고!!

  • Carlota Tampipi
    Carlota Tampipi 1 个月前

    wow kyung hoon is so good in limbo game