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  • 2020年2月12日

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  • iicecake
    iicecake 1 个月前

    Heechul : and kids, this is how i met your mother

  • Choo Jun Wyng
    Choo Jun Wyng 1 个月前

    And here we see the 10th member of Twice, Kim Hee Chul

  • Kim Huynh
    Kim Huynh 2 个月前

    Jihyo and Kang Daniel

  • uaena*once
    uaena*once 2 个月前(修改过)

    For people who don't know why Jang-hoon was hesitant with saying the name Jeongyeon and all: his ex-wife's name is Jeongyeon as well, they didn't part on good terms. They joke about it a lot in knowing bros.

  • Roma Ydnas
    Roma Ydnas 2 个月前(修改过)

    This might be impossible now that they're dating (I support HeeMo though) but I hope Twice comes back in Knowing Bros after they have their comeback in June 1🤭

  • Silver Moon
    Silver Moon 2 个月前(修改过)


  • Suhani Gopal
    Suhani Gopal 4周前

    EVERYONE IN TWICE : being the badass girls of the class .

  • 데이브
    데이브 1 个月前

    So... no one's gonna talk about how Chaeyoung looks so adorable here, or is just going to be me?

  • vnbtrc
    vnbtrc 1 个月前

    kyung hoon and jeongyeon are too cute, tbh.

  • Eun Kyung TV!
    Eun Kyung TV! 1 个月前

    Heechul is the type who exposes your crush to everyone

  • Sem David Timothy Sitanggang
    Sem David Timothy Sitanggang 1 个月前(修改过)

    man i feel bad for jung yeon , her expression looks real to me, it turns out to be fake, damn she is so good at crying 😂😂😂

  • sai
    sai 1 个月前

    Tzuyu was worried about not getting enough camera time because of being partners with Youngchul but half the show she has had camera time..

  • push mo yan teh
    push mo yan teh 1 个月前


  • Kaiipop
    Kaiipop 1 个月前

    Looking back at it now, Momo and Heechul were so obvious lmaooo 😂😂

  • m_lushi
    m_lushi 2 个月前


  • Aeryn
    Aeryn 1 个月前

    I wanted to give Kyung hoon the biggest hug because of how sad he looked when jeongyeon wouldnt sit next to him

  • Rodrigo Hernández
    Rodrigo Hernández 2 个月前


  • Aria Gillette
    Aria Gillette 5 天前(修改过)


  • Sharon Kayimbi
    Sharon Kayimbi 1周前(修改过)

    Momo and Heechul: The Powerful Dancing Machine Couple

  • kyung hoon
    kyung hoon 1 个月前(修改过)

    but this hidden camera just proves that hodong is a professional. He's trying to calm everyone and he's managing the situation.