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  • 2020年2月9日

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  • Danshi A
    Danshi A 3 个月前

    This is a random thought but I would love have an oppotunity so sit and chat with Sang-min. I feel like I can learn so many life lessons from him. He seems like very wise man.

  • Vy .S
    Vy .S 3 个月前

    Luda: "You're going to die anyway. Make it quick"

  • DANA
    DANA 2 个月前

    the fact that meiqi didn’t get the chance to say a single word pisses me off

  • SEULGI Entertainment
    SEULGI Entertainment 3 个月前

    I really miss Cheng Xiao so much in korean variety shows. She has so many works in China and I don't think if she will have time no more to go to korea. She missed so many cb already 😞

  • Nicole Liu
    Nicole Liu 1 个月前

    "Heechul do you have a girlfriend?" ....oh crap

    BLVCKROSE 1 个月前


  • Aaron Amigo
    Aaron Amigo 4 个月前

    Cameraman is luda bias 🤔😅. I know she's soooooo cute with short hair 💜💜. Wig snatched💇

  • Chaeng Tiger
    Chaeng Tiger 2 个月前

    Why is anyone talking about Kyunghoon flirting with yeoreum ? 🥺 they’re so cute together 👉👈

  • Ny30Rangers2016
    Ny30Rangers2016 1 个月前

    Yeoreum was full of cuteness during the whole thing she’s so cute 🤩🤩🤩

  • MM
    MM 3 个月前

    seola is so gorgeous

  • sky k
    sky k 2 个月前(修改过)


  • Lee Jooheon
    Lee Jooheon 3 个月前

    Xuanyi "ayayayaya" cutiepie 😂😂

  • Rayden Killer
    Rayden Killer 2 个月前

    i love it when it comes to Super Junior Heechul x WJSN

  • le le
    le le 3 个月前

    I'm literally crying and laughing at the limbo game lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Devvv
    Devvv 3 个月前(修改过)

    Those raps were fire tho.

  • kevina warner
    kevina warner 4 个月前

    They couldnt hive sangmin a chance to tell his story

  • willy yeremi
    willy yeremi 2 个月前


  • Muhammad Muazzam
    Muhammad Muazzam 1 个月前


  • sanaa daoui
    sanaa daoui 3周前(修改过)


  • deandelion
    deandelion 1周前

    seola: heechul do you have a girlfriend?