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  • 2020年2月9日

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  • Jihyo
    Jihyo 2 个月前

    Literally came back to watch this again just to see Kwang Soo’s girl ❤️

  • Esse Contractum
    Esse Contractum 1 个月前

    Damn I like Sunbin but I cant watch this episode. Why does it have to be that guy with her in this episode geez

  • A Yeti On The Interneti
    A Yeti On The Interneti 2周前(修改过)

    Biggest joke in the world

  • Ioraka 137
    Ioraka 137 1 天前

    I am here to see Kwang Soo's girl because I just found out that this girl is the Le SunBin that I saw in ICSYV. She is such a gold to the world and a diamond to her man.

  • 4s Rocker
    4s Rocker 1 个月前

    isnt jung joon-young the pervet who got punished and jailed? scary how 2-face and deceptive he can be.

  • Simon .I
    Simon .I 1周前


  • lovely_life TV
    lovely_life TV 1周前(修改过)

    I really loved this episode. Lee Sun-bin is so beautiful and sings so well but about Jung Joon-young....I really freaking hate him for what he did but I have to admit I cannot hate him for his humor and talent..

  • Bin's Nesquick
    Bin's Nesquick 1 个月前

    It is such a waste that he's a trash... He got everything tbh.. Looks, talents, and variety skills.. If only he's not a trash, he would've been so successful now

  • sky k
    sky k 2 个月前


  • Claker Se
    Claker Se 2 个月前


  • jessica enthusiast
    jessica enthusiast 3 个月前

    God, I so love Lee Sun Bin. she's so pretty, she have the prettiest smile, her good look reflects her personality (man she's so precious and pure), she acts well, she dances and sings well

  • Diantika Irawadi
    Diantika Irawadi 1 个月前(修改过)

    "The right pursue of happiness," that's why that person's Andrew to me.

  • Dina Kartika
    Dina Kartika 2周前

    soogeun really jinxed it omg "if you lose this time you will be unlucky for the rest of your life. forever." 😩😩

  • Angie Kusuma
    Angie Kusuma 2 个月前

    The moment JJY know he run out of his luck, iykwim

  • Maneeta K
    Maneeta K 1 个月前

    Jang hoon saying" so fresh"😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lorraine Recile
    Lorraine Recile 1 个月前

    i see ITZY's Lia and APINK's Eunji in her .... ugh kwangsoo is lucky to have her . Hope their relationship lasts.

  • キッド妄想
    キッド妄想 1 个月前

    omg the ending 😂😂😂😂

  • rachKer
    rachKer 1 个月前

    JJY’s luck ran out from here onwards...

  • zuicy.
    zuicy. 1 个月前


  • KCJ Musik - Lyrics
    KCJ Musik - Lyrics 6 天前(修改过)

    Love, Happiness and Farewell by Lee Yongi is a Plagiarized song, i bet. Sounds exactly like Albano & Romina Power's Felicità.