[ENG SUB] Knowing Bros Ep.74 - BTOB 下載

  • 2020年2月9日

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  • María Laura G.
    María Laura G. 1 个月前


  • okiedokie
    okiedokie 1 个月前


  • lola mahusay
    lola mahusay 1 个月前

    Peniel is very hardworking and cares so much to his hyungs ❤️

  • william widjaja
    william widjaja 1 个月前(修改过)

    Not to compare anyone, Eun kwang did an amazing job on singing Tears, but this just made me respect Chen from EXO's voice even more. Chen's Tears performance made my jaw drop

  • len len
    len len 4周前

    this episode is so underrated lmao

  • Jhosa De Leon
    Jhosa De Leon 2 个月前

    This is my 8th time watching this 😂 never get tired watching it.. 🤣

  • Anna lyy
    Anna lyy 3周前


  • tami
    tami 1 个月前

    It's not good to watch this while your face mask is on.

  • Shimotsuki Zoro
    Shimotsuki Zoro 1 个月前


  • suci octaviani
    suci octaviani 5 天前

    the fact is, BTOB always bring that joy, that bright side, where ever the program their in. i'll miss them so muh

  • Britt C
    Britt C 1 个月前

    the eldest one looks so much like soobin from txt

  • Samantha Del Rio
    Samantha Del Rio 1 个月前

    What I leaned from this episode is that Peniel and kyung hoon are precious

  • Firnila
    Firnila 1 个月前

    I’m so confused about why they have Jai Ho there lol

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 1 个月前(修改过)


  • Account Google
    Account Google 1 天前

    Minhyuk sungjae changsub visuals. Peniel angel. Rest main talent line. But minhyuk is really so pretty. And sungjae handsome.

  • Christy Bino
    Christy Bino 2 天前

    Anybody notice "Jai Ho" in the baground

  • H Nir
    H Nir 3周前


  • Simon .I
    Simon .I 3周前

    Seeing Sungjae just gives me sad memories

  • kinukai
    kinukai 1 个月前


  • emily t
    emily t 1 个月前