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  • 2020年2月9日

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  • Aira Mae Con-ui
    Aira Mae Con-ui 2 个月前

    Why is no one talking about Xiumin’s look here? He’s like a korean harry potter, I’m inlove~

  • sunflower souls
    sunflower souls 2 个月前

    " my philosophy is that i will not regret the things I've chosen to do. " -Chen2017

  • Callaly Nguyen
    Callaly Nguyen 1 个月前

    Kyungsoo is literally that one person in school who some how got involved in a group of populars XD I love him

  • alexa
    alexa 1 个月前

    "He often has other engagements." Kim Jongdae, we know those engagements

  • Michaella Velarde
    Michaella Velarde 2 个月前

    "I will not regret the things i've chosen to do"- chen

  • Mano Rahim
    Mano Rahim 2 个月前

    Honestly, NOW, I won’t be surprised if the next president if Korea was decided through rock, paper and scissors.

  • Creidos
    Creidos 2 个月前

    Who's here after the existence of Chennie's daughter to this world? Just me? Ok...

  • Hershey Ordonia
    Hershey Ordonia 2 个月前

    Xiumin is very attractive in this one. But like always. 💖

  • babie binnie
    babie binnie 2 个月前

    imagine being able to say that THE kyungsoo put a screen protector on your phone

  • Kpop Baddie
    Kpop Baddie 2 个月前

    The D.O farmer imitation has me dying 😭

  • Potato
    Potato 2 个月前

    You can see the genuine relationship EXO had. They smile at each other's things. They are proud at the other members talent. They hype each other. They love each other! One of the best brotherhood!

  • dhia jasmin
    dhia jasmin 1 个月前

    When kai said he would pick friendship or love based on what's happening and when baekhyun said he's sensitive about love and when chen said he would be responsible of his action. This is all serious stuff, but they turned it into a comedy. Really enjoyed this episode, exo is really good in variety shows 😭

  • ericka ugay
    ericka ugay 4 个月前

    in this ep. hee chul is so handsome ..i love his hairstyle...and it suits him very well..

  • Isabelle Hannah Omana
    Isabelle Hannah Omana 1 个月前

    I'm really into SM artist these past days. I keep on watching NCT and now EXO.

  • Sara togol
    Sara togol 2 个月前

    April 2020 and still watching them bc I miss them ✊🏼

  • Lacos'clyne Caputol
    Lacos'clyne Caputol 3 个月前(修改过)

    haters said EXO cant sing live

  • yanaa i
    yanaa i 1 个月前

    Kyungsoo become the screen stealer without talking hahahah he's that charming

  • quenn of love
    quenn of love 2 个月前


  • Mandee Maranan
    Mandee Maranan 2 个月前

    Baekhyun talking about how he became close with the members is taking a shower with them. I did just remember Tao.

  • lei jen
    lei jen 2 个月前

    Baekhun is Savage. Not sure I've seen this side. And love Chen's philosophy. It is very mature.