FIRST REACTION to Seventeen (세븐틴) - Don't Wanna Cry, Home & Fear 下載

  • 2020年5月10日

  • Thanks for watching! If you want me to check out more Seventeen or any other groups/artists etc. let me know in the comments below, I'm always looking to see what else is out there. In the mean time, timestamps in the pinned comment. Stay safe and healthy - see you in the next one! :)


  • Luft Wang
    Luft Wang 3 个月前

    “I may be a massive homosexual but I can appreciate a very pretty man” I SCREAMED HSHSHSHSH It’s only the intro but I’m already loving your reaction

  • drink water not alcohol

    Seventeen are known as the “self-producing” group in Korea bc they have been writing, composing, producing & choreographing their songs since pre debut. They actually helped popularize self producing bc at the time of their debut it wasn’t all that common. Woozi (ur little king), is in 16th place for the most copyrights as an idol. Vernon (one of the deep voice rappers in Home) is the youngest idol I believe to have the most copyrights as an idol. But it’s Woozi mostly who works on the songs and composing and producing. Hoshi (blonde in the chorus of Fear) has a hand in making their choreography along with Dino (first turtle neck guy in Home).

  • ChwenotChew SVT
    ChwenotChew SVT 4 个月前(修改过)

    Seventeen are a very LGBT friendly group many of the members have been known to wear Pride items and clothing and they very much embrace their gay fans. Vernon one of the rappers is the most outspoken activist of the group when it comes to gay rights and anti discrimination towards gays, racism, and women's issues. He also is not afraid to wear clothing that might push boundaries. Jeonghan was the very androgynous guy in the Fear MV that smeared the lipstick and Vernon is the guy in Fear you commented on his hair.

  • mai
    mai 4 个月前

    The guy you kept pointing out with the amazing vocals and round face was seventeen’s main vocalist seungkwan :D

  • Kkk Jjj
    Kkk Jjj 4 个月前

    please react to their recent japanese single, fallin flower... also getting closer, call call call, happy ending.... they are a 13 member group with 3 sub units: hiphop, vocal and performance unit. Each unit has their own unit songs and mv: hiphop - trauma, vocal: pinwheel, performance - highlight. You can also react to the svt leader line unit song - change-up ...

  • _ Vimiella
    _ Vimiella 4 个月前

    "I was gonna say where was the rap line"

  • Yu Takashi
    Yu Takashi 4 个月前

    If you are looking for a guide video, I highly suggest the "[WHO IS SEVENTEEN?] Series" created by SVTHINAPIA. Its 3 separate videos discussing how they got started, the individual members, and finally their career path. The "Subpar guide to Seventeen" video is fine but its outdated and for me it does not convey how the members really treat each other as family.


    The small one is the main producer of the group who create most of their songs, Woozi 😆 Seventeen is a self - producing idol.. they make their own song, rap part and choreography. There are 13 members in the group, but they are separated into 3 units (vocal, rap, & performance, with their own respective leaders) so I think you'll be able to remember them easily later. Thank you for the reaction, you are amazing~

    CHEWY 4 个月前

    If choreography is what you’re after then may I suggest Hit, Getting Closer, Very Nice, and THANKS

  • Loredana Anna Cosi
    Loredana Anna Cosi 4 个月前

    Hi, I just found your channel and I loved your reaction, you showed a great sensitivity and good taste, so I immediately subscribed. I hope to follow you in your journey through Seventeen. About a guide: the "Subpar guide to Seventeen" is good enough and funny but outdated. SVTHINAPIA recently made a new guide in three parts called "Who Is Seventeen" and it's very interesting. The blond guy in "Don't Wanna Cry" with the great voice is the same one you pointed out in "Fear". In "Home" he had dark blue hair. His name Is Seungkwan. Him and DK, the other main vocalist of Seventeen, are among the best voices of kpop panorama and beyond. I really would love to watch Seventeen dance practices with you, perhaps It could be a good idea to make a video with both the M/V and the dance practice, since in some M/Vs the choreo is almost nonexistent. Also, Carats (fandom name) love longer videos! Can I suggest to react to their last Japanese single, "Falling Flower"? It's so beautiful and the choreography is... well, they are Seventeen! Another very interesting group, wonderful voices and a more mature style, is Mamamoo. Four girls tryng to break some stereotypes in a closed society such as South Korea. Try their last song "Hip" or their cover "Delilah" to begin with. Hope to receive soon a notification from your channel!

  • Red Taring
    Red Taring 3 个月前

    Since you know them better by now here's a fun inside joke: Hoshi likes to imitate Wonwoo's parts as a joke and exaggerates how low he sings so since Wonwoo sings the same part as Woozi in Home but deeper, Hoshi jokingly asked everyone to sing the fanchant deeper for Wonwoo's part and it just became A Thing we do hahahahaha here's the official fanchant guide (they do this for most of the title songs, don't be fooled, Home is one of the easiest ones. We've had to rap forwards and backward and the latest one we even have to sing properly hahahaha)

  • Thea Jensen
    Thea Jensen 4 个月前

    I think you’ll really love Jeonghan. He’s the one with the smeared lipstick. He’s always breaking stereotypes and I love him so much. He used to have really long hair and went as Harley Quinn on Halloween! I love how seventeen don’t shy away from being who they wanna be and showens us it’s okay to be whatever. Also love how you pointed out that Minghao was beautiful in Home because he doesn’t get that much regonition and deserves to be love endlessly!!❤️loved this reaction

  • pooge
    pooge 4 个月前

    i don’t know if anyone pointed it out but woozi (the short one) is 5’5” and their tallest (mingyu) is 6’1”-6’2”

  • Eri Bulusan
    Eri Bulusan 4 个月前

    If you love some gender bending, check out their older songs starting from Adore U, Mansae and Pretty U. Those three contained a very pretty longhaired Jeonghan who was the one that was saturated in white in Fear. Also check out their vocal, hiphop and performance unit. Both have their own songs. For Vocal I'd recommend 20, Habit and Don't Listen. For Performance, Highlight and Lilili Yabbay are my faves. And for Hiphop, Un Haeng Il Chi and Trauma. Also they have Japanese releases like Happy Ending, Call Call Call and the latest one called Fallin Flower. I recommend that one a lot if you love aesthetically gorgeous vids and choreo coz damn.

  • Bisma Naz
    Bisma Naz 4 个月前


  • strAy cArrots
    strAy cArrots 4 个月前

    seventeen is a group that is incredibly strong in all areas and they may be known for their choreography and sync but gosh, as a group they are all rounds

  • Dina Utami
    Dina Utami 4 个月前

    The tiny guy is woozi, he is seventeen's producer :")

  • Zuzu
    Zuzu 4 个月前

    When you said oh he is tiny how tall is he? And i answered automatically “not much.” Lmao he is the shortest kpop idol in the whole industry! They self produce and also choreograph. They also design their own merch and direct their mv’s! A very very self made group. When they debuted their company was almost bankrupt so the company told them to make their own songs and choreo if they wanted to debut. So they did. They didn’t even had their own in ears so they used their headphones on the stages. They support LGBT+ a lot. Like one member was seen reading a book about a lesbian couple, one wears gucci’s lgbt+ edition clothes, they interact with their fans who have pride flag along them a lot and they write most of their songs without gender specifying! Most of the time they don’t use any pronouns! They are an amazing group to love. And btw they are on crack so just know what you are getting into. They are super funny and because they have 13 members most of the variety programs cannot invite them so they made their own shows 😂

  • honeyhao
    honeyhao 4 个月前


  • Bisma Naz
    Bisma Naz 4 个月前(修改过)

    seventeen is so talented, full of visuals and king of synchronized perfect choreographies 👍✨... they all are so beautiful and they all are so talented 💙